You’re Only As Good as Your Last Hire

hiring-process.Seventy-three percent of hiring managers surveyed said hiring a bad candidate costs much more than just keeping the position open. Yikes! As with many parts of life, it’s important that we learn from the past. To avoid the expense and stress of a bad hire, remember you’re only as good as your last hire and incorporate these 4 principles into your recruitment and strategic staffing process.

Get Technology on Your Side

This is a very human business with, well, humans. In order to bring in the best and brightest, you will need to form actual connections with interested candidates. Firstly, if you’re still buried in spreadsheets, you can assume that you have probably lost at least a few great hiring opportunities to sheer human error and busyness. With recruiting software at your disposal, you will not only cut your time and administrative resources, you will be far more organized and lower the risk of losing great candidates. Be sure you have a clear idea of the way your staffing solutions provider manages connections with potential talent. The candidate (and their network) will associate you with the recruiters’ work, and organizations with strong talent branding drive 2 times the amount of applicants per job compared to other companies.

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Do Some Fact Checking

So, 58% of employers have found a lie on a resume according to a survey of more than 2,000 hiring managers and human resources pros in various industries and company sizes. Everything from embellishing past responsibilities to academic degrees were included. Strive for a staffing solutions agency that not only keeps themselves honest in the recruiting process, but ensures all potential talent is screened and vetted for resume and skill accuracy. And don’t be afraid to check references or offer an additional screening step in which the candidate must undergo testing or present a deliverable to prove skills or fit.

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Zero in on the Performance You Want

Then define those desired characteristics within your job description. Obviously you need qualifiers like relevant experience and skills, but take those a step further. Why are those qualifications so important? What are you hoping for those skills to produce, offer or bring to your table? Try to quantify internal goals and share them within the job description so applicants have a clear idea of what will be expected of them when they jump into the team or onto a project. This type of dedication to information is sometimes difficult to offer without company or industry insight, so find strategic staffing solutions that have dedication to market knowledge. The right outsourced recruiting expert will not only integrate smoothly within your own team, but will offer advice and guidance on industry trends, skills and top talent placement needs.


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Realize Hiring is Only a Step

There are a great deal of techniques you can implement to separate the qualified candidates who fit your organization from the ones who just don’t meet your expectations, but quality of hire doesn’t end after an applicant accepts the offer. In fact, it is merely the beginning in the long process. We like to think that every problem in a department would be solved by bringing in a new experienced, skilled person. There’s merit to extending your office to new hires, but expecting all employees to come with the skills necessary to succeed within your walls could be disastrous. A quality new hire will not only come with background knowledge, he or she will possess the ability to attain information on your internal practices, industry and unique place within it.

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There is no method that promises every hire you make will undoubtedly meet all requirements or have characteristics that fit your organization. As we said above, this is a human process and humans are unpredictable. Instead, a way to heighten your rate of success is to practice consistency and build a recruiting process that has a history of bringing in skilled hires that fit the culture.

Establishing a quality recruitment process is challenging, but you don’t have to walk alone. Vector Talent’s Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is supported by experts who have a knack for bringing a personal touch to outsourced staffing solutions.


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