Your Resume Is a Reflection of You

While having dinner with my sister, who is a junior in college, we started chit-chatting about future plans, goals, careers, and so on. Since the age she was old enough to work, my sister has always held a job. When I asked her to send me her resume so that I could take a look and make any needed edits, her answer made me cringe: “I don’t have a resume; what do I need it for? I’ve only worked small jobs and I’m in college with no real experience.”

The Importance of a Resume

I explained to her that the importance of a resume is to showcase your work and academic history, skills, and attributes for potential employers. Your resume should highlight the key responsibilities of all positions you’ve held. Although your resume doesn’t reveal how well you may have performed in a job, it definitely demonstrates your ability to write in a comprehensible manner so that hiring managers understand your capabilities.

Your resume should be written in a standard basic font, using black only. Flowers and colors are pretty and eye-catching, but they make the resume look unprofessional and take away from the information being presented. The resume should contain accurate information such as dates of employment and education, job titles, and skills used in each role. The use of proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation is paramount.

Your Resume Should Be Relevant

Your resume should be relevant to the position for which you are applying. You may need to make adjustments to your resume, depending on the position you are applying for and how it relates to the position you are currently in. Your resume should be a revolving document—just like you grow as a person and worker, your resume improves over time. It should reflect who you are and where you are professionally, showcasing professional experiences and career growth.

After outlining these points to my sister, she finally got it. She now understands the importance of transitioning from a college kid with no real experience to a college graduate ready to hit the workforce running. And a well-written resume is what makes that happen. In the professional world, you make your very first impression with your resume.


Written by Jazzmyn Brown, Talent Agent at Vector Talent Resources. For more information about how Vector can help with your next career move, contact Jazzmyn at

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