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Words to Live By

Our parents and elders give us a lot of advice that we never actually appreciate until we’re adults on our own. We may hear things like “Make sure you keep your room clean,” “College is the best time of your life,” or “Make sure you save your money” over and over when we’re kids but not understand them until later.

“Make sure you keep your room clean and put things where they are supposed to go” is one of the many things you probably heard multiple times and always rolled your eyes—but you still went to your room and got the job done (especially if you were like me and had to do it before you could go ANYWHERE). You may have hated hearing this as you were growing up, but it is something you should carry with you in your personal space at home and at work. Making sure your space is clean and organized makes you feel happier, and has that effect on others around you as well. You should always want to be the person who, no matter what day or time it is, can invite guests over, making your space feel like their personal space and somewhere they can hang out comfortably.

The easiest way to stay organized is to “touch the paper once”—if you have something on your agenda that can be done quickly, do it right away. This way you can complete your task and move on to the next task smoothly. I personally loved this saying growing up, because it always helps free up time. If you use the last of something, replace it as you take yours. Not only does this help you have more available time to do what you want, when you want, you don’t have to worry about anyone bugging you to do something, because you already did it!

The last two sayings go hand in hand, in my opinion: “College is the best time of your life” and “Make sure you save your money.” When my parents would tell me as an undergrad, “College is the best time of your life—have fun!” I never understood why. I always replied, “But I’m broke,” “I want a job,” or “I want money.” It isn’t until after graduation, when you must start your career and pay bills, that you realize, “I would much rather take tests and make my own schedule” or “I should have saved that extra money I had then.” The moral of the story is, have fun in college, but most definitely focus on your studies and get in the habit of organizing your personal space and saving as much as possible (even just a few dollars a month) so you can advance in your career the way you want and do what you love!


Written by Morgan Hill, Talent Agent, at Vector Talent Resources. For more information about how Vector can help you, contact Morgan at or call us at 703.639.2160.