Why to Consider a Career in IT Recruiting

As kids, how many of us were encouraged to become lawyers, doctors or rocket scientists by our parents?

Some time has passed since we were kids, and nowadays, we don’t necessarily advise our own children to take the same paths our parents once suggested. While I still believe that these dreams and aspirations are still very viable, being in the IT Staffing business, I must admit that I have encouraged some of my kids to consider careers in IT Recruiting. Why did I encourage them down this path? I did so because IT staffing is a very tough path but a very lucrative one if you maintain your integrity and do the right thing. And because being a lawyer or doctor is not what it used to be.


Don’t get me wrong: I have a son-in law that is becoming a very successful attorney, and I cannot be more proud of him. In addition, my only son—who is certainly my pride and joy—received a full scholarship to law school after graduating from college and will be attending this fall. There is no doubt in my mind that he will be a huge success because he has the will, aspiration, personality and brains to conquer whatever he desires.


That being said, the key phrase is “full scholarship.” Most kids are not that fortunate. While many kids do get accepted and subsequently attend law school, many come out after passing the bar owing between 100-200K in student loans. These days, less than 50% of those kids get jobs practicing law.


And on the medicine side of things, I can’t even begin to tell you how many physician friends I have that want to retire because of the new federal guidelines and regulations that will clearly affect their ability to earn a living. Once again, I am not discouraging anyone from being a doctor—and many people do not get into medicine for solely the money, of course—but I am just trying to emphasize that there are other great, not-so-traditional careers out there that are rewarding, rigorous and lucrative. I hope that I can create an interest in those of you who may consider a field in the staffing world, which really does not require further education (and amassing student loans). All you need is a will to work hard and a passion for the business.


As far as the rocket scientist, I have actually met one in the past, and he is doing just fine.

A Personal Anecdote:

When I was at my last firm, my partner and I thought of trying a new approach to hiring technical recruiters. We started off by hiring a young lady who was the granddaughter of one of our clients while she was finishing up her degree in college. In the beginning, she worked on a part-time basis, and when she graduated, she became a full-time employee at our firm. She never went to college to become a technical recruiter, so all of her training was taught and learned by the toughest teacher of all: EXPERIENCE. We teamed her up with a seasoned and successful recruiter who trained her and mentored her, and now, she has made a career in this business and has become a very successful young lady; I am always so elated to tell her story.


Because of this initial success, we then repeated this process with many other college graduates on many other occasions and watched the same thing happen over and over again. One of my own daughters, who is home for the summer from college, is now working with a very successful staffing firm and is getting one-on-one training with a colleague of mine. She is learning the business and enjoying the challenges and knowledge she is gaining in the process.


I urge young people thinking about their futures to consider the field of technical recruiting.If you want to be successful in this field, it takes many phone calls, hard work, odd hours and the willingness to learn. However, these things are a recipe for success in almost any field you decide to pursue.