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Why Temping Is Tempting

Chances are you’re reading this blog because you’re in the market for a job. Maybe you are considering signing up with a staffing agency. Whether you recently graduated, relocated, lost your job, or yearn to try a new field, temporary work can be a valuable addition to your resume. For communications professionals, working with a niche staffing agency that specializes in placing writers, editors, and graphic designers can lead to much more than a paycheck.

Some of the benefits of temping include:
  1. An answer to a favorite interview question, “What have you done since your last job?”;
  2. A way to build your professional network and references;
  3. A way to keep your skills sharp and current while job hunting;
  4. A variety of projects and businesses; and
  5. A foot in the door, especially if you are considering a new industry or field.

My assignments provided all of the above. Until I started temping, my experience was solely in the private sector. I was always interested in exploring the nonprofit world. But, it was difficult to get noticed because of my for-profit background. Without the help of a staffing agency, it would have been very challenging to connect with some of these groups. I have been able to work with groups focused on issues that matter to me, such as aging populations, social and economic reform, and health care.

Whatever your personal and professional aspirations, I encourage you to explore the open positions. Don’t hesitate to submit your resume for the staffing team to review. Once you are on the roster, the staffing managers will contact you when they think you are a match for an assignment. You’ll discover for yourself why temping can be tempting.


Previously written by Stephanie Levis, editor, for the Vector TalentMEDIA team. For more Information about how Vector Talent Resources can help you, contact our talent agents at

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