When Recruiting, Look Beyond the Resume

When you begin recruiting for IT staff, your first impression of the candidates comes from their resumes, cover letters, and application forms. You decide whether to bring someone in based on these documents. However, you’ve also been around enough to know that the papers show only what the candidate wants you to see and may contain exaggerations or outright lies. If you want a more well-rounded and unedited view of your candidates, you can check their virtual lives.

  • Look at their social media pages, such as Facebook or Twitter. What types of entries and pictures do they like to post? You may discover rants against their current employers and photos showing lavish lunches at company expense. On the other hand, their entries may brag about their work accomplishments or show pictures of their latest business projects.
  • Do a Google Search on their names. Don’t forget to look under the Images, Videos, News, and Blog options. You’ll find out what other people think of your candidates. Do news reports show them being arrested for assaults or disorderly conduct? Or are you finding industry websites where your candidates receive awards for contributions to their profession? If a candidate seems promising, set up a Google Alert on his or her name, so you receive email notification whenever he or she appears on the Internet.
  • Check out LinkedIn and their other online resumes. Look especially at company names and locations, dates of employments, job titles and descriptions, and compensation. Do they all match each other as well as the resume you received? Minor discrepancies may show carelessness. Major differences may be an attempt at exaggeration or deception.

You can avoid all this investigation, which you must do for every candidate, by contacting professional recruiters like us. We’ll do all the preliminary legwork for you so that all you interview are the best people for the job.