What Data Shows Us About How Candidates Prefer to be Recruited

In order to be a successful recruiter, you have to know what the talent wants. More specifically, you have to know how candidates want to be recruited in order to ensure total engagement in the recruitment process.

Here we have gathered some of the essential information that shows us how candidates actually prefer to be recruited today:

They find opportunities through connecting: Alyssa Sittig, a writer for LinkedIn’s Talent Blog, mentions in an infographic the utilization of social networks and company websites, in terms of finding staffing opportunities. According to her data, 56 percent of talent explores professional social networks and 40 percent check out company websites. This shows the ever-increasing need for a strong online presence for recruiters.

Make it personal: Similar to how talent will cater their resume to fit the desires of a company, recruiters need to customize their job pitch to the talent and make it more personal. Ed Hammerback, a software analyst, tells Dice that it’s important to ask questions beyond the resume during an interview. In addition, ask about things that are interesting to the interviewee including questions about what the potential employee is looking for in a career.

The initial job interview matters: Certainly you know that first impressions are lasting and matter immensely for you as a recruiter. The same goes for job seekers. CV-Library, an online job search engine, conducted a survey with 2,400 job hunters and found that 46.5 percent of respondents preferred meeting with a recruiter in person. Sittig’s LinkedIn infographic shows us that 9 in 10 professionals say an interview can impact their preconceived opinion about a company.

These quick pieces of data can help you gain insight into the “other side” of recruitment and allow you to hire the best talent for your company.