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Thurs, Nov 9th – Leadership Series Program – Energize Life at Work!

Join us for our second Leadership Series program at the THE WESTIN TYSONS CORNER, 7801 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22043

Energize yourself. Be the best of who you are, by learning to “prime” your brain to get your brain chemistry on your side. Use Energize tips to move from being your own worst enemy to increasing confidence. Change the old limiting stories playing in your head, to “inner movies” that supercharge you for success. Learn to tap into your inner “Artist” to bring your passion to work, and creativity to challenges.

Also, learn to energize your communication. Help followers move past the natural reasons to resist change, and into supporting the change you need. Our brains hate ambiguous futures, and fills in the gaps with worst-case scenarios. You’ll learn to calm the fears, energize passion, and convince the skeptics. This is a highly interactive presentation that supports everyone in leaving with their own change energizing action plan. They’ll learn, laugh and leave leading.

Key Takeaways:
  • Energize your passion so that you can perform at your highest
  • Increase confidence and emotional intelligence at the same time
  • Energize others’ passion so that they perform at their highest
  • Help people perform at their best by creating conducive environments for creativity and deep thinking

Bob Faw
Chief Energizing Officer, Matchbox Group

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