Vector Talent is an award-winning talent company and we are committed to redefining the role of agency staffing and outsourced publication services. As one of the fastest-growing talent acquisition companies in the area, Vector provides the finest in value-added talent solutions. Our goal is to become a trusted partner with each and every client.

Marc Berman

Top Talents
  • Chief of Inspiration
  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Client Relations
  • Strategic Partnerships


Hector J. Velez

Top Talents
  • Business Development
  • Human Capital Relations
  • Strategic Solutions
  • Collaboration
  • Problem Solving


Debbie Reynolds

Top Talents
  • Recruiting/HR
  • Technology
  • Marketing/Communications
  • Operations/Administration
  • Trusted Staffing Partner


Johanna Daproza

Top Talents
  • Graphic Design
  • Project Management
  • Marketing/Communications



Mary Bruzzese

Top Talents
  • Copyediting
  • Proofreading
  • Substantive Editing



Tara Madison

Top Talents
  • HR Management
  • Operations/Administration
  • Marketing/Communications




In 2012, Marc Berman, a 20-year executive in the IT staffing industry acquired a minority interest in the firm and relocated to Northern Virginia and re-branded as Vector Technical Resources. Consecutively, the firm shifted away from prime contracting for federal agencies to focus 100% on IT staff augmentation, a passion for Mr. Berman as evident with this being his 3rd successful IT staffing firm in the market. Berman’s quest was driven by his desire to change the perception of the staffing industry. He believed the industry lacked the focus, attention to detail, and performance necessary for excellence. Vector would become the company that provided the finest service to a select group of clients that appreciated the people-centric, consultative model that Vector was building.

Vector differentiates by centering efforts on the goals of both employer and employee, equally, for a fair return on the sincere approach and productive results. We provide thoroughly vetted individuals—experience, education, skills, and interest to every role—or not at all. We never try to force candidates into roles that don’t align for-profit as we look at the overall picture from both perspectives. Vector’s staff strives for excellence and nothing less is tolerated. Attracting and attaining greatness from top talent is our business as we realize this is the key to clients’ and candidates’ success which is our ultimate reward.

In 2015, Berman bought the remaining interest in the firm and expanded it using the same formula that drove its success over the prior three years.

Shortly thereafter, Vector acquired the commercial staffing division of EEI Communications, a 45-year-old company specializing in staffing marketing and communications professionals in roles such as editing, proofreading, graphic design, web and social media.

In early 2016, a rebrand process led to a name change to Vector Talent Resources. A name that not only incorporates Vector’s history, but actually defines the true business that we represent, TALENT. Vector Talent has truly defined itself through this carefully crafted evolution and will remain the leader and true value partner in the IT staff augmentation industry while offering that same greatness to other industries that include HR/Recruiting, Marketing/Communications and Operations/Administration.

In late 2017, the publishing division of EEI Communications was brought on and evolved into a new creative division called TalentMEDIA. They provide outsourced publishing and communications services to customers in the DC area and across the nation. Their services include editing, proofreading, graphic design, 508 remediation, and website maintenance and design. For Vector clients that prefer outsourced staffing support for their communications projects and publications, TalentMEDIA is the perfect fit.

Along the way, Vector has been the proud recipient of awards such as “Best Places to Work” by Washingtonian Magazine and “Future 50” and “Top Executive Management” by SmartCEO. Vector has built a team of corporate athletes that are well-geared, motivated, and determined to be the best resource to acquire, attract, and attain greatness with Talent Resources.


Vector’s mission is to be our clients’ most trusted and most reliable talent solution. Whether we delivering staffing services or publishing services, client satisfaction is our passion.


PASSION: A strong liking, desire, or devotion to achieving excellence.
We believe that passion for what we do is a necessary fuel for excellence and success.
INNOVATION: A new method, idea, or product; imagining what is beyond possible.
We strive to be creative and stretch the limits of what is possible to deliver value and useful solutions.
LEARNING: The acquisition of knowledge or skills through practice, study, and curiosity.
We are naturally curious and seek to understand so we can learn and achieve beyond limitations.
OWNERSHIP: The act, state, or right of being accountable, responsible, and empowered.
We accept responsibly and accountability for delivering on our commitments.
TRUST: Assured reliance on the character, abilities, and strengths of each other.
We believe trust is the cornerstone for collaboration and have confidence in each other.