Vector President, Marc Berman’s Interview with Wendt Partners

Recently, I sat down with Wendt Partners at the Tower Club of Tysons to chat about business, leadership, and life. When I launched Vector Technical Resources, I hired Wendt Partners to help me with my business continuity planning and focus our strategy for growth—they truly helped to lay out our roadmap to success.

The following is an excerpt from our discussion:

WP: Do you have one or two suggestions or key recommendations you’d like to share with other CEOs that will help them grow their companies?

MB: My father-in-law and I were talking over dinner last night, and he comes from the generation where he remembers literally shaking hands over a major deal, and the confidence in what that stood for in terms of character. And these were no small deals — he runs an international shipping company with commodities going all over the world. Today, we’re finding that in large respect people just aren’t the same anymore, which means you need to be careful with your decisions but also stand out by being that person of impeccable character. Therefore, my advice to anyone building a business is to make sure that your ducks are in a row, your T’s are crossed, your I’s are dotted and that you do the right thing. Put another way, don’t do anything today that you wouldn’t want your kids to read about in the newspaper (or on the internet, or in social media) tomorrow. And second, your customers are your everything, so make it a good habit to under-promise and over-deliver — not only to them but to your staff. Create a culture within your staff that begins with passion — passion to make a difference in the world every day. That also means empowering them to talk, while you listen. Remember that the best leaders are learners, first and foremost, and to learn you need to listen. No one ever learned anything while talking.

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