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Vector Talent is an award-winning, strategic staffing solutions provider focused on bringing the best talent to challenging career opportunities within the Washington DC area and beyond. We are corporate athletes and work aggressively and diligently to stay on top of market trends, identify progressive companies, and secure the best opportunities for the candidates we represent.

As a result, we are always looking for talented professionals to help navigate the competitive employment market. Our experienced Talent Agents will collaborate and provide counsel, coach and align skills, experience, education and goals with most ideal roles within the right environments to achieve them.

We recognize that our success is attributed to not only attracting world-class talent, but also retaining and supporting this valuable resource with proven best practices, state-of-the-art technology and total rewards necessary to perform at the highest level.

We offer contract, contract-to-hire and direct hire positions within commercial, government contracting and non-profit sectors. We have career opportunities in the Washington, DC region and across the nation. We leverage our extensive client networks and conduct searches on behalf of our candidates should a current opportunity not align. More than 50 percent of our roles are exclusive to Vector, which gives our candidates a considerable advantage over others.
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Vector Talent raises the bar on staffing by developing meaningful relationships and becoming a true partner with each of our candidates. At Vector Talent, we make it our number one priority to create a one-on-one relationship with each and every candidate. That’s because the closer we are to the candidate, and the more we understand them, the more certainty we have about placing them. We don’t just send your resume, we provide a customized endorsement to our clients in addition to consulting with you every step of the way for best outcomes.

We are committed to:

Fully disclosing the status of job listings
Respecting and accommodating your availability
Ensuring optimal fit – functionally, culturally and financially – and maintaining respect for individual situations and career goals
Meticulously protecting your need for confidentiality

We spend a considerable amount of time with every candidate, so that we can get to know you not only from a technical standpoint but also from a personal perspective. Vector firmly believes that our relationship with a candidate is career-extending and on-going. We have such deep relationships with both our clients and candidates that we know exactly what type of candidate we are looking for, for each position.


Vector Talent Resources raises the bar on staffing by developing meaningful relationships and becoming a true partner with each of our candidates.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that we exceed your expectations whenever possible, by not only understanding your needs and goals, but through treating our candidates with the utmost respect and integrity in every stage of our strategic staffing process.

As our candidate, you have the right to the following:



We promise that we will provide full transparency throughout the entire hiring process and that there won’t be any “surprises” at the end or during your contract.


Quality relationships are a cornerstone of Vector. We take a 360-degree look at every relationship to understand exactly what the relationship needs to be successful. We put ourselves in the shoes of everyone we work with to understand their perspectives and needs, and set them up for success.


We will not submit your resume to any position without your consent. You will ALWAYS know what company and position you are being submitted for and your references are not disclosed without your permission.

Honesty at all times

We will communicate with you throughout the entire hiring process and let you know where you stand in comparison to other candidates in your field, for the position you are being considered for. Vector will always supply you with the salary information, benefits, workplace environment and the company style. Honesty is the key to success.

Your time is valued

We believe in finding the right company for you. We want to know everything that you are looking for in an employer and make a match. We will not waste your time on an interview if the position doesn’t meet your needs.


After every Vector coordinated interview, our candidates receive full disclose from the prospective employer. You will never not know where you stand or what happened with Vector.

You have the right to say no

We want you to be successful in your new position and if you feel that the opportunity isn’t the right one for you, we WANT you to tell us. Our objective is to find the best career opportunity for you and for our client.


We listen, evaluate and determine if we are able to help you. If we believe that we can assist you, we will provide coaching and act as your agent to our hiring managers to find the best career opportunity for you.

Commitment to long-term success

We are committed to a long-term relationship with you. If we can’t place you immediately, we will maintain a positive relationship with you so that when we find a position that matches your skills, you are at the top of our list. As your strategic resource partner, as assignments end, we make it a priority to find opportunities to continuously support you in your career efforts.

Six Steps to Find the Best Career with Vector Talent


Step 1: Phone Screening

After Vector identifies a potential candidate through our extensive candidate sourcing and evaluation process, we perform an initial phone screening to see if they are a good match for current opportunities or to pipeline for future ones.

Step 2: In-Person Interview

The next step is to bring the candidate in for a thorough in-person interview to make sure they are the best possible fit for either the identified position or for representation for future career opportunities. The fit needs to be technical, experiential and cultural. If all aligns, we then package the candidate profile and submit for consideration. We obtain and conduct references to validate our findings.

Step 3: Client Consideration

Our Account Managers work diligently to understand clients’ culture and the experience, education, skills and competencies sought in every position supporting. In fact, we will not submit a candidate unless we know all there is to know about the role and feel comfortable with a best possible match from both the client and candidate perspectives.

Step 4: Candidate Interview with Client

We coordinate all details for both the client and candidate meeting. We are completely open and honest about expectations on each side to ensure a positive experience regardless of the outcome.

Step 5: Debrief

When the interview is complete, we discuss the experience on both sides to gain information, interest levels and determine next steps.

Step 6: Offer or Next Steps

We work closely with clients to craft a winning offer and handle all negotiations on their behalf. Once a verbal commitment is ascertained from the candidate, we coordinate the formal, written communications and closely monitor counteroffer concerns and other potential issues to ensure a smooth first day for the selected candidate. In addition to our reference checks, we can conduct various background checks, upon request. Should the interview not result in an offer, we seek to gain as much information as to where the gaps are so we can better fill them as we continue the process. The more we know, the better service we can provide.