Vacation: Temporary Staffing for Short-Term Employment

Summer is always an enjoyable time of year for people to get out of the office for a while and enjoy some relaxing time away. Vacation season is in full swing around the country, and perhaps some companies feel a bit daunted at the thought of losing essential employees for one or two weeks at a time.

This is where temporary staffing services can come in.

Companies should consider what it’s like when employees come back from vacation and they’re overloaded with emails, pending business or waiting projects. It almost de-motivates you to go on vacation because the flurry of activity when you return reverses any relaxation you’ve built from the time away.

Instead, consider doing business with a solid staffing company that can hire a reputable temp to fill that position while the employee is gone. In some organizations, these positions are juggled by others who can manage the duties until the vacationing employee returns. Some employers would say that it isn’t cost effective to hire a temporary team member to do something only for a week or two. Yes, it is possible for other employees to step into that role for a few weeks, but hiring someone qualified to perform that temporary role takes pressure off other staff and allows them to stay task oriented in their own jobs. A good temporary staffing service will work with the company to figure out the minimum required skills to keep the work moving steadily and match it with someone qualified and affordable.

For candidates who accept short-term employment like this, don’t be afraid to step in and fill positions where needed. In this market, it is becoming more common for companies to recognize the value of a temporary staff member and give an opportunity for an extension. It is even possible for a temp to be hired at the end of the agreed period because of the quality work he or she is doing.

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