Three Trends That Will Shift the Future of Staffing

Staffing firms are changing the way they market to benefit both the employees they recruit and the companies they serve. Many staffing firms are seeking cost effective solutions and adapting to current trends to be successful.

Social media presence, mobile job searches and a community of different generations working together is leading staffing industries to reevaluate their original staffing and recruiting routines to find new solutions.

Social Media

In order to understand job seekers, employers and staffing firms are building a social media presence. Most job seekers use social media to learn about job opportunities. If employers aren’t aware that a company exists, employers could potentially lose future assets and miss qualified candidates.

Creating a social media strategy to connect with job seekers is a trend that progressive staffing firms are now using consistently.


Because we live in a digital world and most people are versed in technology, staffing firms are creating websites that are compatible for mobile devices, laptops and computers.

Employers have mobile-friendly websites using ‘responsive’ technology that applicants can use to apply for a position. Mobile devices have evolved into hands-free tools with the capabilities of a computer. Potentially, this is a better way to get faster responses to emails and or questions about a potential candidate or employee personal information.

Multigenerational Workforce

We’re in an age where the workforce has become a spectrum of generations: baby boomer, millennials, Gen X — they’re all a part of the potential talent pool. With differing ages come differences in work styles, habits and motivations. This means that staffers need to be able to understand and respect the variances in communication styles.

Staffers also will be able to reach out to potential staff effectively by understanding the valuable differences presented in the modern workforce. Motivating and rewarding employees of these generations will be an important adjustment in the workplace.

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