The 6 Step Strategic Staffing Process Companies Need

Working with a staffing agency for the first time? Not knowing who is doing what or how the recruitment process is being managed on behalf of your company can be overwhelming. When employers are able to work with integrated staffing solutions providers, there are so many methodologies and processes that can take form. Thankfully, we’ve nailed ours down to a simple, 6-step process to fall back on no matter what placements we’re expected to make!

Our specialized recruiting teams are highly experienced in vast industries like government contracting, marketing, human resources, information technology and more. We treat our clients like partners throughout the entire process to ensure the highest quality candidates are sourced, screened, interviewed, assessed and selected. Take a look at our detail-oriented process so you know what to expect during our strategic staffing process.

Download and print the process to keep everyone in the loop!

strategic staffing

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