Thank Our Veterans By Making Them a Part of Your Year Round Recruitment Strategy

While we salute our US Military Veterans this week for Veterans Day, let us be reminded that hiring veterans should be part of year-round recruitment initiatives.

With a United States Military spanning 7,000 positions within 100+ functional areas and an 81% of those jobs having a direct civilian role equivalent, there’s no reason to not tap into this diverse, experienced, quality talent pool.

“The military trains people to lead by example as well as through direction, delegation, motivation, and inspiration. Veterans understand the practical ways to manage behaviors for results, even in the most trying circumstances. They also know the dynamics of leadership as part of both hierarchical and peer structures.”-

So how can companies make Veteran hiring initiatives more integrated into their total talent acquisition strategy? With these simple, easy-to-implement tips…

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Go Where the Brave Men and Women Go

When reaching out to Veterans, show how their military skills can be applied to your organization. While you’re not expected to understand all military acronyms and jargon, it is good to be aware of those related to your industry. has a skills translator that explains military skills in laymen’s terms. This can help you make better job requirement word choices. Another great idea is to use a service like Textio to ensure your job advertisement wording makes sense to all genders and education levels.

Niche Job Boards

Advertise your open job positions on niche job boards to reach the millions of active, reserve, retired and veteran military members. Whether you use a job advertising distribution system or not, make sure these job boards are included in your distribution.

Job Ad Messaging Tips: Make sure to brand your company in job advertisements as Veteran Friendly, Veteran Committed, etc.

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Veterans Career Page

Dedicating a page or subpage on your careers site is a great way to increase your employer brand awareness to the Veteran audience as it earns organic search rankings and provides Veterans a place to learn more about your organization and the jobs that most apply to them. Many Vets are used to hierarchy, being a part of team or even leading a team and they may not be aware of exciting, fast-paced jobs within the civilian world. Military Vets are leaders, problem solvers, resourceful, responsible and disciplined.

Career Page Messaging Tip: Take it a step further and create company social pages specifically for veteran recruiting. Veterans tend to come from supportive communities, the brotherhood and sisterhood of the military shows they watch out for one another. Get Veterans to join your recruitment social pages and see how fast it gains traction!

College Career Fairs, Military Reserve Units & VA Hospitals

A simple Google search of colleges in the area you’re recruiting in will give you all the details you need to set up a booth. Make sure your signage lets Veterans know you’re interested in speaking with them and use messaging that shows them how your company caters to hiring military veterans.

Military Messaging Tip: Join social media conversations for Veterans to learn and listen about their cares and concerns by following hashtags like #MilitaryMonday #Vets and #SOV (Support Our Veterans).

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Now Hire Them

All of the above-mentioned tactics can be implemented to make hiring Veterans a year-round recruitment initiative. Open the door to understanding how military experience can positively impact your organization to improve diversity and performance and give back to the men and women who have given so much to you.

Need help getting some of these initiatives kicked off? Invest in a recruitment process outsourcing agency that specializes in strategic staffing solutions. Vector Talent works closely with government staffing contractors and knows a thing or two about hiring Veterans. Contact us if you’re interested in stepping up your Veteran hiring game in 2017.


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