Why you need to hire Vector for your next project

DC’s best employment recruiter and a 45-year DC media firm join forces to bring you the best TALENT in the area. Look at what people are saying…

Also, I cannot express how grateful I am to your [TalentMEDIA] team for the thorough and swift proofreading work! The folks who worked on it did a stunning job—all of the markup was clear, the queries were appropriate at this stage, and the attention to detail impressive!
Communications Officer at an international banking institution
Communications Editor at a global television network
I just wanted to give you a heartfelt thank you for helping me tremendously with my job search. I was in contact with several agencies (who were all frustrating to deal with in one way or another) and while I ended up finding my next role on my own, you were undoubtedly the person I knew was in my corner. It really meant a lot to me, especially considering that my former agency did not make me feel valued. Although I’m no longer looking for a full-time role, I just wanted to express my gratitude for your help on my job search. You’re a rock star!
—Sean, Vector Talent candidate
It has been my pleasure to work with Vector TalentMEDIA. The TalentMEDIA team currently provides services in editing, graphic design, text layout, proofreading, e-book conversion, and other pre-production processes for a quarterly magazine and three textbooks (ranging from 200 to 450 pages) on a regular basis. Their work is consistently excellent, from their sensible suggestions to manage process to the high-quality products they deliver; additionally, they are lovely people who are consistently very understanding when the client fails to meet deadlines and will always push to meet theirs, regardless.
—Sheila Costa, Director of Special Projects, Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine
The AARP Public Policy Institute (PPI)—the “think tank” for AARP composed of more than 60 staff members, a large number of which are thought leaders and subject matter experts—has been working with Vector TalentMEDIA (formerly EEI) for several years. Vector has become one of PPI’s most trusted business partners. Vector’s review and imprint is on virtually every piece of content that PPI publishes. For years we have worked closely with the company, relying on its staff for editorial support (copyediting and more extensive editing) and graphic design services (layout, design, formatting, etc.). We work with Vector on almost a daily basis, having already produced approximately 139 publications in 2017 alone. Vector to a large extent can be credited with accurate implementation of PPI’s brand and the “look and feel” of our publications. It has created all of our publication templates. Vector comes through when we need their support for long-term projects as well as during stressful stretches when we demand quick turnaround during “emergencies” that arise.
—Carl Levesque, AARP Senior Editor and Writer
Thank you for being so forward with your candor. It’s amazing how many tech recruiters lose the game because they just don’t know what they’re talking about. Did they even read their own job posting? YOU however did not pretend, and offered me simple direct information that you did know was true. Thank you!
—Royce, Vector Talent candidate
My experience with Vector has been very gratifying. I’ve felt very much supported and prepared when it came time to interview. I’ve always been able to get a hold of my Vector recruiter for any questions (day or night!).
—Valerie, Vector Talent candidate hired by national healthcare client in May of 2016
I’ve never been to a recruiting firm with such a warm atmosphere and an emphasis on right placement for both the person and the company. Even if my placement doesn’t come through, I am thrilled to have made your acquaintance and look forward to working with Vector on my next opportunity.
—Amelia Minto, Vector Talent candidate
I’ve had the unique opportunity to see two sides of Vector—both as candidate and client, and I have been extremely fortunate in both roles! The team is tremendously supportive of candidates and does a fantastic job ushering them through the recruiting process from first contact well past placement. As a client, I’ve been extremely impressed with their determination even in the face of some challenging staffing needs. They have delivered our organization not only outstanding candidates, but have a knack for finding those individuals who fit in well culturally. Their superior service makes my job so much easier!
—Elizabeth, client and former Vector Talent candidate
Your publications team made it possible for our event to be a huge success. All of our publications were picked up by the attendees. The Survey is gaining press from NY Times, USA Today and Bloomberg News. We could not have done it without your team working around the clock on all of the 50+ project materials. Thank you so much and it’s great to work with such a productive crew!
—Jordan Green, MS, AARP Project Manager, Strategic Initiatives
Thank you so much! The edits were absolutely perfect; we are grateful for your quick help today. THANK YOU AGAIN.
—Communications Manager at a global television network
They always have great availability for new projects, keep you in the loop on scheduling and progress, adhere to all deadlines, and do really thorough work. Turning a project over to them is worry-free because you know you will get a high-quality result on-time, every time.
—Senior Research Manager, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools
Your editorial team patiently refined and polished our work, making our words reflect our ideas in an approachable way.
—Executive at Teaching Strategies for Early Childhood
This frazzled, far-behind editor with little chance of actually making her print date has tears in her eyes after reviewing these pieces that she simply did not have time to edit. You didn’t edit them, you transformed them. I will be able to send this entire package of articles to the designer tomorrow and actually FEEL GOOD ABOUT WHAT I’M SENDING/PUBLISHING. I would have paid you out of my own pocket if I had to. And it would have been worth it. Please convey my extreme thanks to the person or people who worked on this. I am so very grateful. You rock.
—Content Manager, Sidwell Friends
As always, your edits are excellent, and your questions are apt. I almost always go along with your team’s changes and suggestions. Thanks again for improving our entries so much.
—Executive at the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities
Your production team has done tremendous work for more than 5 years with preflighting ads, ad input, and ad placement. They’ve been an amazing force of grace and creativity with the PPS media kit development and the Buyer’s Guide renovation. They’ve helped simplify and transform those media pieces, and I’m very grateful. Thank you so much for all that you’ve done for me on behalf of PPS advertising.
—Malisa Minetree, MBA, PPS Advertising Manager for PPS’ Impact Magazine
Your editorial team provided HCDI with exceptional editing services on a government document. Looking forward to the opportunity to work with you again!
—Director at HCDI International
Great meeting you! You have an excellent team. I often think that the people we work with make jobs so enjoyable, not the job description.
—Editorial Director, George Mason University Mercatus Center
Very organized, professional, and good at communicating. The work has always been completed on or ahead of schedule. Your work product is excellent and is delivered exactly as requested. We have been very happy with this contractor’s work. It’s a pleasure working with your publishing team.
—Publishing Director, FDIC