Temp-to-Perm: The Benefits for Company and Candidate

You spend a lot of time and resources when hiring a new employee: Reviewing resumes, multiple interviews, checking references and background, negotiating an offer. And still, with all that time and effort, you don’t really know who you are hiring until they start working for you. What is their work ethic? Do they meet deadlines? Are they easy to get along with? And finally, are they the right “fit” for your company. You can match the best candidate and the best company, but sometimes there is just a mismatch that is no one’s fault.

As for the job seeker – a company can have hundreds, or thousands, of employees. You have only one job. You will probably spend more time there than you do at home. You want to make it work and do the best you can for your new employer. But there are circumstances, people, and projects that you have no way of knowing about until you are actually working at your new job.

If you are a company who has hired someone who didn’t work out, or if you are a job seeker wanting to make the right long term commitment, a Temp-to-perm situation might suit you. Temp-to-perm, or Contract to Hire, gives both the candidate and the company a chance to try each other out, evaluate work styles, and see if they can create a successful partnership.

Temp-to-perm works for companies because it gives them the chance to see what the candidate has to offer, evaluate their industry knowledge, see if their skill set is a true match for the open position, and evaluate how well they work with other employees, both inside and outside of their own departments. For candidates, Temp-to-perm gives you firsthand knowledge of whether the job is the right one for you. Do you like the company, the work, the hours, your co-workers?

If a Temp-to-perm situation works out, everyone wins. Going from a contract to a permanent position is generally a smooth transition. And if it doesn’t work out, everyone still wins. Company and contractor know that they are not right for each other, and both are left with a better idea of their ideal job or candidate. And for the contractor, the time spent at the company is another work experience that you can add to your resume.

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