The TalentMEDIA team is the best in the industry at handling difficult, multilayered communications projects with grace and accuracy—the more complicated, the better. Our proven project management methodology and highly trained professionals allow us to deliver excellence in all that we do. Client satisfaction is our passion. We measure our success in delivering excellence by client referrals and direct client feedback. We appreciate the work we do, and the fact that our clients regularly return to us reinforces that. All of TalentMEDIA’s work proudly carries our reputation of excellence.

TalentMEDIA’s editorial services provides consistent, high-quality content while offloading all responsibility for editing, proofreading, quality control, and project management from your plate. We will match you with the right project manager for your work and develop a detailed project plan based on your publication deadlines

TalentMEDIA’s design and production professionals specialize in publication design. We create several publications for government agencies, associations and nonprofits to help build their relationships through custom magazines, journals, annual reports, directories, and newsletters.

TalentMEDIA makes the remediation process simple. Our 508 experts know how to deliver your content so that it is accessible to individuals with disabilities. Our 508 remediation services are compliant, consistent, and affordable.

TalentMEDIA’s web services provide a range of options that augment our clients’ current website staff resources, from minimal support all the way to a fully resourced turnkey program. With TalentMEDIA’s web services, you never need to worry about redesigns, aged functionality, or dead content.


For TalentMEDIA inquiries, please contact Tara Madison at tara@vectortalent.com.


As part of our scope of services, we offer substantive editing, copyediting, light copyediting, and proofreading. All editorial projects are assigned to a primary editor and then reviewed by a second, “read-behind” editor who checks that the document reads smoothly and no errors have been introduced.



Proofreading includes review of a single copy (or comparing live files against dead files) for typographical errors and format errors. This option is best for material that has been copyedited and is close to being a final product. Clients often ask us to do a final readthrough of a document that is ready to go out the door. This step catches any last-minute errors that may occur in the final formatting rounds.

Light Copyediting

Light copyediting means we correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation; eliminate inconsistencies in capitalization, compounding, number style, and abbreviations; and edit to a particular style, either the client’s or a standard style manual such as Chicago or GPO. A light copyedit is often requested for materials that the client wants to be error-free and in the correct style, but not to have the tone or voice changed.


Copyediting includes all the light copyediting task PLUS rewording for clarity and applying a consistent style to footnotes and bibliography. We regularly copyedit complex research papers that must remain highly technical, but need to adhere to style and citation rules and be queried for readability.

Substantive Editing

Substantive editing includes copyediting tasks PLUS rewriting awkward sentences, eliminating redundancies, writing transitions, and adding heads and subheads. A substantive edit is best for draft manuscripts or books by multiple authors that need to be given a consistent tone or voice.

Content Development

TalentMEDIA employs writers as well as editors. Our writers assist clients in developing original content for websites, marketing collateral, and other published material. Any content that is provided by one of our writers goes through the same proofing and copyediting process that any other client’s material would go through. It’s a time-tested process that has provided quality control for our TalentMEDIA® experts for more than 40 years.


TalentMEDIA has designed hundreds of projects, from monthly magazines, newsletters, books, and annual reports in print to websites, e-newsletters, and on-demand and digital publications online. With our roster of talented and experienced designers we can deliver a variety and breadth of design styles appropriate across media platforms.



TalentMEDIA performs a variety of media service work for many private organizations, local and national associations, nonprofits, and government agencies. TalentMEDIA’s portfolio showcases a variety of publication styles, including reports for the National Academy of Sciences’ Transportation Research Board, FDIC’s Quarterly Banking Profile, the Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine’s Insight newsletter, the Federal Executive Institute Alumni Association’s Executive Summary newsletter, and the index for the Department of Education’s annual Financial Aid Handbook. TalentMEDIA provides its expert turnkey services for these publications in copyediting, proofreading, production management, graphic design, desktop publishing, and website services.


TalentMEDIA’s expertise extends beyond print and online publishing. TalentMEDIA has also created an assortment of marketing tools such as web banners, logos, trade show programs, fliers, advertisements, media kits, and slide show presentations; we can also create a completely new look and design for a family of publications.

Graphic Design

If It’s something new and original that you are looking for, TalentMEDIA’s talented graphic designers are the people for you. Our designers have created logos, websites, and a variety of publications—from books to pamphlets to magazines.


Section 508 of the National Rehabilitation Act requires that all content on U.S. government websites be accessible to people with visual, cognitive, hearing, or motor impairments. Beneficiaries of federal funding must now guarantee 508 compliance of all web-deliverable content, ensuring that everything distributed online for public use is equally accessible to disabled and nondisabled users.


Screen Reader Accessibility

Screen readers have afforded people with disabilities an unprecedented level of access to online media and digital publications. Clients like AARP rely on our remediation services to ensure that their publications are created following best practices, are fully accessible via screen readers, and comply with Section 508 requirements. TalentMEDIA understands that true accessibility goes beyond creating content that simply passes automated testing. Our services ensure that content is easily used by the disabled, and that information is conveyed accurately by screen readers. Our standards surpass the Section 508 requirements, extending to more stringent Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 global accessibility standards.

Adobe PDF Remediation

PDF has become the preferred format for distributing documents via the Internet. Our remediation experts can assist you by converting your documents from virtually any publication software product to PDF, or you can send us your PDF file for remediation after conversion. TalentMEDIA remediation specialists rely on Adobe Acrobat Pro and NetCentric Technologies’ CommonLook for Adobe PDF and Microsoft Office, to guarantee that PDFs are 508 compliant and are effectively tagged for proper reading order and use by the disabled. We use Freedom Scientific’s JAWS to test PDF navigation, reading order, accuracy, and readability.

Microsoft Word Remediation

Our team can assist clients—like the National Council on Disability—who require accessible documents in Microsoft Word in verifying that final Word documents are also fully 508 compliant. These accessible Word documents provide the user with all of the editing and writing tools of Word, while still adhering to 508 compliance requirements and allowing accessibility to all users.

Interactive Forms

Creating forms that are 508 compliant requires a thorough understanding of how people with disabilities actually use, navigate, and complete fillable forms. TalentMEDIA specialists ensure that disabled users are able to effectively use forms with a screen reader or other assistive technology.


TalentMEDIA’s production staff includes designers, programmers, and production specialists who are experienced in producing communications documents for various digital and print formats. Our digital and print teams work side by side to provide coordinated solutions that work across different media while supporting a comprehensive communications strategy.


Online Publishing

TalentMEDIA’s online experts are well versed in web design and development, but we also believe that our unique content-driven approach is what separates us from other companies. Online publishing is about more than just a website. The TalentMEDIA® team can turn your publication into a digital flipbook, an e-book for online purchasing, or even a mobile application for viewing on smartphones.

Content Management

While TalentMEDIA’s specialty is the creation, transformation, and migration of content to the web, we have also earned a reputation for effective and efficient web content management and 508 compliance. TalentMEDIA has worked within many CMS applications ranging from WordPress to DotNetNuke and even secured, proprietary CMS applications for clients such as AARP.

Web Development

Our web expertise encompasses varying levels of services including: designing or re-designing the look of your sites with new graphics and themes, developing search engines or media galleries, converting site content, building content management systems for your company, and hosting services. TalentMEDIA’s web development programs result in much lower up-front investment and lower total cost of ownership over time.


To see a portfolio of some of the projects that our team has worked on, click here.