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TALENTMEDIA: Is Your iPhone Worth Upgrading?

How many of you saw the recent launch of the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X? As someone involved in day-to-day social media and marketing, I spend a lot of time on my phone. And yes, I have an iPhone. So of course, I was curious about what new things Apple was going to offer.

What’s the difference between the iPhone 7/7 Plus and iPhone 8/8 Plus? What’s the same?

Is it worth the upgrade? What did Apple recycle and decide to sell to you at a markup price?


The front-facing camera are the same specs on both 7/7 Plus and 8/7 Plus models. The aperture is still at f/2.2, 7 MP camera, the ip67 water-resistant rating is also the same. Still no headphone jack on the new model and the screen displays are exactly the same.


The body of the phone is exactly the same While the new glass design on the iPhone 8/8 Plus might look beautiful to some, the back isn’t as smooth as the glass on the iPhone 7/7Plus. Fingerprints and smudges are much more visible on the new glass.  The glass has a 50% deeper strengthening layer, but it is not scratch resistant. With this glass design, you’re going to get wireless charging (didn’t Android already have this technology years ago?)

With this new wireless charging, the third-party wireless charging is a positive and negative. In my opinion, the ultimate positive to the wireless charging has to do with the thin white charging cord that seems to break more often than it should. We iPhone users can now do away with those if we choose to do wireless charging. The downside of wireless charging, buyers will have to drop roughly an additional $50 on third-party pads that should be standard with the iPhone but are not.

The screen on the 8/8 Plus now comes with color accuracy, cinema wide color gamut, 3D Touch and True Tone display.


Speakers on the iPhone 8/8 Plus will be 25% louder with bass uniformity.


iPhone 8/8 Plus rear and front-facing cameras share the same megapixel and aperture count as the 7/7 Plus. But Apple claims the pixels sizes themselves have increased for the sensor and are much larger. On the Portrait mode on the 8/8 Plus, users will have more lighting options and clearer resolution.  Also, the video capabilities have changed.

To put all of this into perspective, the iPhone 8 Plus is $30 more expensive than when the iPhone 7 Plus launched last year. The same goes for the iPhone 8. This model is $50 more than the iPhone 7 when it originally launched. Pretty much, customers are paying a premium now. Do you know what you’re truly paying for?

So, do you think it’s worth it? Will you purchase the new iPhone 8/8 Plus?


This article was written by Darren Taylor, Social Media Coordinator for Vector TalentMEDIA. 

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