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TALENTFIT—Are You Working During Your Vacation?

Do you find yourself working too much? Do you work while you are on vacation or maybe you have a hard time taking some time off or putting the phone down?

HR Certification Institute created a survey that found 75% of employees work during vacations. 31% of employers had policies to discourage employees from working during their time off according to the study.

Here’s a piece of the study:

Dive Brief:

  • A new poll by the HR Certification Institute (HRCI) found that 75% of employees work while vacationing, even though half of non-essential staff say they don’t believe they are expected to. HRCI polled 300 HR practitioners.
  • According to the survey only 31% of employers have policies that discourage working during vacation. Survey results show that when there is a written policy discouraging work while on vacation only 10% of workers say they always or almost always work during their vacation. Without a policy in place, 21% of workers say they almost always work on vacation.
  • “Most workers bring their laptops with their flip-flops on vacation. Employees are confounded by a mixed bag of written company policies, unspoken expectations, shared beliefs and poor examples set by CEOs and supervisors,” HRCI researcher and spokesperson Barry Lawrence said.

It seems as if vacation and work have become a bit of a blur. It’s not very distinguishable. This causes workers to become over-stressed by not taking time to regroup. Mental health is very serious and stress leas to multiple health problems. This then leads to less productivity.  It also means higher healthcare costs for employers.

The article states, “HR managers may want to discourage employers from working while taking time off by establishing mandatory vacation policies, but there are also simple cultural changes that can be made to ease problems.”


This article was written by Darren Taylor, Social Media Coordinator for Vector TalentMEDIA. For more information about how TalentFIT can help your company, contact a wellness consultant today at

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