TalentFIT: Helpful Summer Tips

Gearing up for summer vacations or fun weekend activities? Don’t forget to pack some healthy snacks, some water, and of course, your sunscreen! No one likes an aching sunburn, and we’ve got some great tips to prevent your skin from getting a little too kissed by the sun.


Before you add that SPF to your list, it’s good to know what you’ll be putting on your skin! The risks of skin cancer from sun exposure are all too real, but sunscreen can also have cancer-linked ingredients. Here is a list of the ingredients in some sunscreens that can add to your risks. If you want to avoid these types of products, here is a recipe for natural sunscreen that is also great for keeping your skin healthy!


If you’ve already fallen prey to the sun rays, some healthy eating recipes can actually aid in your body’s natural recovery from sunburns. Things like cucumber-watermelon saladwatermelon gazpacho, and iced strawberry green tea are delicious while also providing relief to your skin!



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