TalentFIT: The Facts About Preventative Screening

In 2017, conversations about preventative screenings have spiked regarding certain health issues such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, prostate cancer in men, and breast cancer in women. If you have an annual physical this, did you know that you’re getting the benefit of early screenings for some important health problems? Every year when you visit your doctor for a checkup, a physical exam includes testing for diabetes risks, hypertension, and high cholesterol.(1) Certain workplaces report that their top health concerns among employees are cancer screenings, but these are not the only deadly diseases that can be caught by early testing.

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. An astonishing 29.1% of the adult population experiences hypertension, a leading cause of heart attacks and strokes.(2) Not only do many Americans experience problems such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol, 9.1% of Americans are diagnosed with diabetes while 33.9% are considered prediabetic.(2) With early screenings, these issues can be caught and treated.

When it comes to cancer risks in men, over two hundred thousand men every year in the US are said to be diagnosed with some level of prostate cancer. Obesity plays a large part in these results although most prostate cancers are believed to be genetic.(3) Early screenings for prostate cancer in men have proved that this disease has very aggressive forms but is usually fully treatable when caught in beginning stages.

Cases of breast cancer in American women this year are expected in the range of over 250,000. (4) Although this is the second-leading cause of death in women, cases of breast cancer are decreasing in women over the age of 50. The American Cancer Association relates this to the rising numbers of women who are getting screened regularly and catching symptoms or signs before cancer cells can mature.(4)

If you believe you are at risk for any of these health issues, talk to your doctor at your next physical. To paraphrase what a doctor once said to me: “People don’t die of embarrassment. They do from not seeking care.” Preventative screenings may not always reveal an immediate problem with your health, but vigilance will protect you from bigger threats down the road.


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