The investment in helping employees to be healthy, energized and focused through corporate wellness initiatives enables staff to be happy, motivated, and effective team members. TalentFIT is a corporate wellness solution that supports companies of all sizes and budgets to curate and deploy programs that can improve the vitality of staff to ultimately meet financial goals.

TalentFIT collaborates with clients by assessing, designing, implementing, monitoring, and communicating to infuse wellness into organizations which will not only help to attract top talent, but will reduce:


screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-2-03-01-pmHealthcare Costs

Employee Disengagement Employee Disengagement

Turnover Rates Turnover Rates


BeTalentFit compliments TalentFIT’s human-touch strategy giving employers access to custom-tailored health information that is evidence-based, URAC-accredited and delivered via a HIPAA-compliant, secure platform:

Users have access to:

  • • load biometric data to receive custom-tailored wellness content
  • • create self-managed wellness action plans
  • • participate in individual wellness challenges
  • • sync wearables and track wellness progress
  • • receive recognition with wellness points
  • • access to team challenges, curated communications and wellness workshops (employer-based on service levels)

Employers receive:

  • • a wellness tool to spread health awareness and engage workforce to healthier choices to form healthy habits
  • • aggregated, population-based health risk data
  • • use of a point system to offer incentives
  • • quarterly reports showing engagement
  • • access to wellness services directed by TalentFIT coaches:
      • • team-based challenges & events
      • • email health content pushes: weekly/monthly/quarterly
      • • classes & workshops focusing on: Mind, Body & Food
      • • customized portal options promoting health plan annually-covered services, health risk assessments & preventative care plans


TalentFIT® Wellness Consultants help customers make their return on investment goal of a reality. We work alongside staff to modify behavior for healthy choices, reduce stress through mindful methods and communications, decrease pain and improve sleeping with physical techniques so they can feel better and experience productive work days.



To understand wellness needs using a state-of-the-art technical platform


To recommend communications, products and services to meet health goals


To execute the prescribed programming with health professionals


To report on participation, satisfaction and reduction of medical related costs


To relay tailored health content through internal and external channels


TalentFIT® provides wellness solutions fusing the science of health, art of talent acquisition, skill of wellness providers and ease of technology to power healthy choices for healthy outcomes.




TalentFIT® wellness programs take a holistic, 360° view of wellbeing by focusing on programs for the mind, body and food. This angle increases program sustainability and results. Our Wellness Consultants coordinate with insurance carriers, brokers, human resources, executives, line managers and a wide network of providers to meet the unique needs of every client.

Contact a TalentFIT® Wellness Consultant: support@betalentfit.com | 703.639.2160