Misclassifying Workers and 6 Ways to Avoid It

Over the past several years, the government (specifically the IRS) has been cracking down on not just workers who misclassify themselves, but also their employers who allow the process to perpetuate. The Independent Contractor (IC) is becoming more and more prevalent over recent years—and not…

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What’s the Difference Between a Boss and a Leader?

From an early age, my grandfather was an instinctual entrepreneur with a knack for building relationships and businesses. He always told me, “the sign of a good leader is having others follow them.” The other day, this motto came to mind when my daughter sent…

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Top 10 Attributes of the Best External Staffing Companies

These days, it takes real talent to be a great staffing company. Finding qualified candidates isn’t just about resume searching anymore. Not only do the best staffing companies know how to find top candidates, but they are also flexible to the changing economic environment, tech-savvy,…

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