What Is a Chief Learning Officer and Why Do We Need One?

More and more companies, both large enterprises and emerging players, are developing company-wide talent development and learning strategies. Alongside this the role of the Chief Learning Officer (CLO) has also rapidly evolved. Here are key points you need to know about the role of the…

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How Technology is Revolutionizing the Recruiting Industry

Has technology changed the landscape for the recruiting industry? Consider this perspective: “Anyone who still thinks dropping off a resume at the front desk is enough will have better luck uploading it to their MySpace page and rushing to the nearest pay phone to place…

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Steps You Can Take to Support Employee Wellness

It’s 2016 and employee health and wellness is becoming a mainstay in business administration and workforce leadership. We now know that employee wellness programs are vital to a successful workplace environment and support higher productivity, as well as serving as a strong foundation for happiness…

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