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We are Talent Acquisition Experts otherwise known as “corporate athletes” and work aggressively and diligently to stay on top of market trends, technology, methodologies to source, attract, and acquire talent for our clients and opportunities for our Talent. We have honed the art of understanding talent and aligning the best fit with our clients’ opportunities which enable us to be nimble and efficient. Vector solutions are customized to each client’s requirements through deliver channels that include:


Our flexible staffing augmentation services of temporary, contract, and contract to hire


Our executive placement services

From meeting single talent needs to staffing entire teams, Vector’s unique people-centric approach, coupled with our deep networks and understanding of employees’ needs, make us an essential human capital resource in delivering and supporting key client initiatives. In fact, we go beyond the placement with innovative organizational development initiatives such as TalentAIM and TalentFIT via our Special Teams offerings.


Our talent bench includes professionals within technology, human resources/recruiting, marketing/communications, and operations/administration.

Six Steps to Client Success with Vector Talent

Thanks to our specialized recruiting teams, we bring unique, highly relevant expertise to our talent process.

Vector thoroughly interviews each candidate and experiences are thoroughly validated. Our detail-oriented and resourceful Talent Agents take pains to verify that the candidates’ experience, skills and career objectives meet the goals of our clients’ business environments. Because every candidate we send to a client is thoroughly briefed on the client opportunity, our candidate knows exactly what to expect, and what is expected, from Day One.

Step 1: Phone Screening

After Vector identifies a potential candidate through our extensive research and evaluation process, we perform an initial phone screening to see if they are a good match for current opportunities or to pipeline for future ones.

Step 2: In-Person Interview

The next step is to bring the candidate in for a thorough in-person interview to make sure they are the best possible fit for either the identified position or for representation for future opportunities. The fit needs to be technical, experiential and cultural. If all aligns, we then package the candidate profile and submit for consideration. We obtain and conduct references to validate our findings.

Step 3: Client Consideration

Our Account Managers work diligently to understand clients’ culture and the experience, education, skills and competencies sought in every position supporting. In fact, we will not submit a candidate unless we know all there is to know about the role and feel comfortable with a best possible match from both the client and candidate perspectives.

Step 4: Candidate Interview with Client

We coordinate all details for both the client and candidate meeting. We are completely open and honest about expectations on each side to ensure a positive experience regardless of the outcome.

Step 5: Debriefs

When the interview is complete, we discuss the experience on both sides to gain information, interest levels and determine next steps.

Step 6: Offer or Next Steps

We work closely with clients to craft a winning offer and handle all negotiations on their behalf. Once a verbal commitment is ascertained from the candidate, we coordinate the formal, written communications and closely monitor counteroffer concerns and other potential issues to ensure a smooth first day for the selected candidate. In addition to our reference checks, we can conduct various background checks, upon request. Should the interview not result in an offer, we seek to gain as much information as to where the gaps are so we can better fill them as we continue the process. The more we know, the better service we can provide.


Building Talent Networks to Service Clients’ Staffing Needs for Sustainability

We do not get paid unless we find the right talent for our clients. As a result, we pay very close attention to details. When Vector sends over a candidate, our client can have the utmost confidence that every “i” has been dotted and every “t” crossed in finding the best possible talent solution to fit both the candidate’s goals and the client’s business objectives.

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