Steps You Can Take to Support Employee Wellness

It’s 2016 and employee health and wellness is becoming a mainstay in business administration and workforce leadership. We now know that employee wellness programs are vital to a successful workplace environment and support higher productivity, as well as serving as a strong foundation for happiness and longevity in our employees.

So how do we promote employee wellness programs? How do we make sure health is a priority in our workplace? Read on to find out our tips on employee wellness promotion.

Provide options: One of the most important aspects of promoting employee wellness is ensuring that your employees have access to healthy options in the office. The Starr Group, an insurance firm, recommends stocking vending machines with healthier food such as oatmeal and fruit for a low price. They also suggest healthier options when it comes to celebrations such as birthdays; ditch the cake for a fruit platter. By finding healthy options available in the office, employees are able to cement their healthy lifestyle changes.

“Unique” incentives: Going past the usual “win this treat for doing this task” is a crucial part of utilizing an incentive program. Many things can be considered an incentive, even reminding employees that meeting wellness standards will lower their health insurance premiums, can motivate them to be more health conscious. George N. Root, a writer for the Houston Chronicle, recommends holding contests like those for employee weight loss or to see who walked the most steps in a week, as these can serve as great motivators. Maybe as a prize, an employee could win a gift card to the local organic food market or a weekly pass to a gym.

Encourage people to take sick days: We know, this sounds crazy. However, by recommending people stay home when ill or not requiring a note from the doctor to ‘prove’ illness, you will not only keep everyone else healthy, but will help prevent an increase in health care costs because of otherwise avoidable clinical visits, according to U.S. News and World Report. It also strengthens the relationship between employee and employer, as a sense of trust and care is developed.

Here’s to a healthy year and continuous effort to keep employee health and wellness at the forefront.

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