Staff Augmentation Delivers the Right Person at the Right Time

Five Reasons to Consider Staff Augmentation

From order fulfillment to the production of precise machine parts, technology has been instrumental in accessing new markets and improving profitability. All too often though, organizations fall to the back of the pack, unable to adapt to and utilize new technology because of lack of personnel and expertise.

Whether the goal is to keep current with technological developments, or if it is a game of catch up, augmenting your current personnel can be an effective staffing strategy to help complete projects in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Staff augmentation offers five benefits over other methods of staffing, or outsourcing, when trying to put together a team to complete a project.

  • Augmentation allows for the integration with internal processes and utilizes existing resources. As opposed to outsourcing, augmentation is the blending of an individual into the organization, eliminating the operational and cultural differences between two organizations. Staff augmentation adds to the expertise in an organization deriving value from both internal and external sources.
  • Staff augmentation offers flexibility, the ability to get the person with the right skill set at the right time. It is not uncommon for projects to stall as the “best” person available struggles through a seemingly unsurmountable problem. Adding to your staff brings the expert knowledge needed to complete the project at hand.
  • Adding staff has expenses beyond payroll. Taxes, insurance and training are all involved when hiring new people. Staff augmentation services provide trained professionals while absorbing the costs involved in direct hiring.
  • Time sensitive projects lend themselves to staff augmentation. Frequently, projects are delayed as team members divide their time between the task at hand and the everyday responsibilities of their position. Adding staff dedicated to a project helps eliminate delays and insures that regular business is not neglected.
  • Augmentation is simple to assimilate and readily accepted by current employees. The hard work of culling applicants and interviewing are eliminated–it is hiring made easy. The permanent staff also feels less threatened when projects are kept in house; outsourcing work can be a disruptive influence to even the most dedicated staff.

The inability to keep up with technology is no reason to let market share shrink and profits dwindle. Vector Technical Resources can provide staffing options to help your organization reach its full potential.