Dynamic teaming partnerships that WIN

Government contracting is a staple in this market and Vector has honed best practices in this space qualifying us to be the number one choice as a staffing partner. Whether you need resume sourcing for a proposal or urgent assistance to get a billable spot filled? Vector has a game plan.


By leveraging our extensive partner network, Vector has developed several different IT staffing solutions designed to meet your goals and objectives. Contract Consulting offers you “talent on demand” – the flexibility to add or remove resources as your business environment fluctuates and as contracts are initiated and closed out.
From single development resource needs to staffing entire project teams, our industry-specific expertise in working with government contractors, coupled with our unique client-centric approach and national capability, makes Vector an essential resource in delivering or supporting your IT staffing requirements.
We provide qualified talent with the tangible skills you need, for as long as you need them. During the contract, the employee remains on Vector’s payroll.
To speak to someone about how we can help you with your temporary GovCon IT staffing needs, please contact us at sales@vectechresources.com.

Temp-to-Hire Staffing Guarantees Success for Government Contractors

Contract-to-Hire, also known as temp-to-perm, is available to accommodate our clients’ changing business needs. Whether the client is screening technical capability “on the job” or needs to maintain and capture key business knowledge, Vector stands ready to provide consultants who can be hired for full time roles within the organization.

This “try before you buy” option is great for clients who want to make sure a candidate is a great fit, in terms of experience and culture, before employing them directly. In this staffing scenario, the employee is on Vector’s payroll and receives our full company benefits package. We are extremely loyal to our consultants and treat them as if they are full-time Vector employees. If the fit turns out to be less than ideal, we are responsible for terminating the employee and providing unemployment benefits.

To speak to someone about how we can help you with your temp-to-hire staffing needs please contact us at sales@vectechresources.com.

Build a Competitive GovCon IT Talent Pipeline with Vector Direct Hire

Vector recognizes that clients have unique requirements. Sometimes government contractors do not allow for third-party hiring by a staffing company — and sometimes you have internal or ongoing requirements that warrant making a permanent placement. For these situations, Vector offers direct hire solutions.

Direct Hire utilizes dedicated representatives specifically trained to identify the most desirable candidates to fill your immediate federal IT and government contractor technical employment needs.

By making sure our hiring process is integrated with yours, we heighten the certainty that candidates’ experience, skills and career objectives meet the goals of your unique GovCon business environment. We send only the candidates who demonstrate the best possible fit.

To speak to someone about your government contractor IT recruiting and direct hire needs, please contact us at clients@vectortalent.com


Vector’s Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) offering is the culmination of our internal best practices, custom-tailored to meet each client’s recruiting initiatives and goals. Clients can pick as much or as little support as they need to fit their requirements. Available solutions include support for processes such as:

  • Strategy & Sourcing
  • Screening & Assessing
  • Coordinating & Communicating
  • Offering & Onboarding
  • Tracking & Reporting

Types of RPO Services offered onsite or off

Enterprise RPO

All recruitment processes are outsourced; the Vector Team assigned manages end-to end recruitment across the business

Hybrid RPO

Part of the recruitment process or areas of the business are outsourced; the Vector Team assigned works in tandem with the internal recruiting team

Project RPO

All recruitment processes are outsourced for a specific Project or Peak; the Vector Team assigned work to complete a specific number of hires within set duration

RPO Pricing Models

Management Fee

Set fee billed monthly for consistent recruiting efforts for an agreed upon time and initiative

Fee per Hire

Fee assessed for each candidate who is successfully brought through the program and hired

Combined Fee

Combines the consistent recruiting effort under the management fee with payments for the success of the program

Fee per Service

Fee assessed for a specific process such as front end sourcing


Wellness resources to care for your most trusted ASSET

A healthy employee is a happier, more productive employee. Not to mention the increasing costs associated with health insurance. Vector works with clients to get their staff in top shape, both mentally and physically, for high performance. Ready, set, GO!

Through Vector’s partnership with the corporate health firm, Savsani, we create a bridge to wellness for clients and will develop and administer wellness programs to keep your talent healthy, energized and motivated. Our goal to create the healthiest corporations using the mastery of mind, body and food to make your staff, Simply Whole.