Social Selling and the Future of Staffing

In an article on the Entrepreneur Magazine website, Monica Zent stated that social networking takes up a quarter of all time spent online and reaches more than 75 percent of all internet users. With these astounding numbers, its easy to see the value in the business world’s latest catchphrase, “social selling.”

LinkedIn’s Senior Social Marketing Manager, Koka Sexton, defines social selling in the context of recruiting this way: “Leveraging your professional brand to fill your pipeline with the right people, insights, and relationships.”

By using their online presence to make connections and share content, companies, recruiters, and executives are inherently enhancing their brand. This goes the same for potential staff members.

Social selling is a way to build relationships and trust within the cyber world and it can help keep you as a staffer in the loop about potential talent. Learning how social selling works and how to master it is an extremely efficient way to seek out new talent and companies to work with. It’s important for staffers to also utilize and perfect their online presence. “It’s a powerful strategy that can help sell your ideas, establish credibility, secure funding, attract talent and win customers,” says Zent.

The SmartCEO website offers some tips on how to make sure you are using social selling to the best of your ability, citing knowledge of relevant social media platforms for clients (potential staff members), being active on LinkedIn, and writing and updating a business blog as key factors needed to succeed.

Barbara Schwenk of ERE Recruiting Intelligence suggests starting social selling in baby steps. Step 1 should be the basics — setting up your social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Step 2, she recommends, is to get in the habit of regular social media interaction through liking, sharing, and commenting within your network. The final step to achieving social selling success, Schwenk says, is to engage with your network further to the point of sales interaction.

Developing a strong and useful social media presence won’t happen overnight but it’s clear to see how important it is to master in today’s age of staffing.