SmartCEO’s Executive Management Awards 2017

Winner of SmartCEO’s Executive Management Award for the Professional Services Industry

Michelle does her best to lead by example. Often, that means sharing positive experiences that can serve as inspiration, or negative experiences that can turn into learning tools. Businger also makes sure to stay involved with the company’s services by helping team members build internal metrics and processes. In doing so, Businger situates herself as an effective bridge between the executive team and the employees she mentors. She took on her role in the midst of an intense growth phase at Vector, which created new challenges for her.

“I look back and wonder how I did it sometimes, and [have] determined it basically came down to planning my work and working my plan, being thoughtful in every task and taking life one moment at a time with a positive attitude,” she says. “The experience set the bar high, and so the challenge to outperform is real.”