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Vector Talent’s recruitment process outsourcing services make it easy for companies of any size and budget to outsource recruiting. Vector offers custom-tailored talent acquisition practices to meet each client’s recruiting initiatives and goals. Our RPO services make it easy for clients to opt for as much, or as little, support as they need. Available RPO services include:

    • Recruitment Strategy & Candidate Sourcing
      • Applicant Screening & Pre-Hire Assessments
      • Interview Coordinating & Candidate Communication
      • Compensation Negotiations & Onboarding Process
        • Applicant Tracking & Reporting Talent Analytics

For more information

For more information about how Vector’s recruiters can help your organization find the staff you seek, please contact us at info@vectortalent.com.

Types of Services to Outsource

Enterprise RPO

All recruitment processes are outsourced. Vector manages end-to end recruitment across the business.

Hybrid RPO

Part of the recruitment process or areas of the business are outsourced. Vector works in tandem with client’s internal recruiting team.

Project RPO

All recruitment processes are outsourced for a specific project. Vector completes a specific number of hires within set duration.

Pricing Models

Management Fee

Set fee billed monthly for consistent recruiting effort during an agreed upon timeframe and initiative.

Fee per Hire

Fee assessed for each candidate who is successfully brought through the program and hired.

Combined Fee

Combines the consistent recruiting effort under the management fee with payments for the success of the program.

Fee per Service

Fee assessed for a specific process such as front-end sourcing.