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Remote Worker Certification

Remote work poses many opportunities—and challenges, too. Whether you’re moving your organization to a remote work environment as part of a digital transformation initiative or as a temporary solution to a situation, there are many factors that need to be addressed.

Some of the challenges faced by employers with employees in a remote work environment include:

  • •   Poor time management
  • •   Outside distractions in the work environment
  • •   Poor communication and unclear expectations
  • •   Insufficient tools and equipment to perform tasks

We at Vector Talent Resources are addressing these most pertinent challenges that come with remote working—with insights from companies that have long offered telework—to help our candidates and clients fine-tune their transition to remote work and focus on operational excellence.

We believe that with the right preparation and training, these challenges can be overcome—and employers will be able to see the benefits and opportunities in a remote workforce.

These benefits include:

  • •   Improved productivity
  • •   Cost savings
  • •   Higher levels of overall employee satisfaction
  • •   Increased employee retention and lower turnover
  • •   A distinct advantage with respect to recruiting and retention over those companies that do not offer remote work options
  • •   Ability to expand the talent pool far beyond the confines of a geographical location

Our Employees

Vector Talent Resources is proud to be the first staffing firm to roll out a Remote Work Certification program for all its employees.

Our clients rest assured that all candidates presented by the Vector team not only have been professionally and personally vetted, but also have been certified for remote work.

This program ensures that all our candidates benefit from a structured onboarding into their remote assignments and are easily transitioned into their role with your business—just as if they were working in the office.

During the interviewing and onboarding process, our recruiters are looking for employees who are:

  • •   Self-motivated
  • •   Disciplined
  • •   Great communicators
  • •   Highly responsive
  • •   Technologically proficient
  • •   Highly knowledgeable about the environment, skills, and tools necessary to perform as a remote worker

For More Information

To learn more about Vector’s Remote Worker Certification program contact Tara Madison, VP of Operations and Human Resources, at tara@vectortalent.com.