Prepping for a Success 2023: What to Put in Place for Your Staff Today

As 2022 draws to a close, business managers look forward to 2023 and achieving tremendous success. Much of this preparation focuses on improving employee productivity since a robust and efficient team is the best way to boost your company’s growth.

Today’s workforce is very diverse and inclusive, and for many managers, it cannot be easy to help so many different types of employees at once. As a manager, it is your job to help your staff succeed in their role.

Read on for some great ideas of how you can lay a strong, supportive, productive foundation for your employees in 2023 and ensure your company reaches new heights of success in the new year.

Improving Employee Productivity: 7 Tips

1. Create a Collaborative Office Space

The current trend in collaborative office space has significantly affected company productivity. As you prepare for 2023, evaluate your office’s layout and atmosphere. Consider the unique work styles of your staff and organize your office space to encourage better communication and interaction between employees and stimulate growth and development within your teams, departments, and the company as a whole.

A good, collaborative workspace is accessible and open yet still offers privacy and ease of communication. It balances the needs of employees of every type and helps them to focus on their work and develop their professional network and bonds.

2. Offer a Wellness Program

Healthy employees are productive employees. While everyone wants to be healthy, staying motivated to eat right and exercise can be difficult. Implementing a workplace wellness program can offer prizes and incentives to motivate your staff to take better care of themselves. As their health improves, so will their ability to focus on tasks and maintain good energy and attention levels throughout the day.

Keep in mind that health and wellness aren’t just physical. Since the pandemic, many employees have struggled with stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues that have enormously affected their ability to work, so including mental health support is also essential.

3. More Purposeful Meetings

Team meetings are a vital part of your company, but they can become dry, unfocused, and dull without some effort. This hinders productivity and growth and reflects poorly on your abilities as a leader.

Strive to hold purposeful meetings with clear goals to achieve by the end. Organize a specific agenda of projects or issues that must be addressed and find ways to engage all team members in the discussion and involve them in the process. It’s a great idea to choose someone to take notes of the key points raised during the meeting, even rotating through employees, so everyone gets a chance to be the meeting’s “secretary.”

4. Flexible Work Options

While not every company can implement remote or hybrid work options, having some flexibility in scheduling and the opportunity to work from home can boost productivity significantly. Start with part-time remote work options, and if you see an improvement in productivity and morale, try bumping it up to full-time.

While some of your staff may jump at the chance to work from home even a few days a week, others may thrive in the traditional office setting. Keep options open to accommodate all of your employees.

5. Update Office Tech

For your staff to deliver top-notch performance, they need up-to-date equipment and technology to support them. Faulty equipment can quickly become the reason for decreasing productivity, and team members may use their lack of reliability as an excuse for missing deadlines or failing to accomplish tasks.

Prepping for 2023 is a great time to evaluate your office equipment and upgrade your hardware, software, applications, and tools to keep everything working well for your staff.

6. Prioritize Feedback

You may already have a solid feedback structure implemented but if not, now is the time to put one in place. Everyone loves to hear feedback on their job, even if it’s challenging to handle hearing that you need to improve.

As a manager, having solid communication with your employees, including positive feedback and constructive criticism, is vital to promoting growth and a healthy outward mindset for everyone in your team, department, and throughout the company. Give your employees appropriate and well-deserved praise in group and private settings but keep the constructive criticism to one-on-one conversations if possible.

7. Streamline Planning and Processes

When it comes to productivity and boosting your company’s growth and success, how you accomplish it is as important as what you accomplish. Even with the best regulations, rules, and standards, your operations and procedures may hinder your employees’ ability to do the job efficiently and accurately.

Streamlining your project planning and management processes can be accomplished with various scheduling tools. Organizing with applications and tools that allow employees to see not only their tasks but how those tasks fit into the overall scope of a project gives everyone a visual roadmap from start to finish.


As 2022 draws to a close and we begin looking forward to a new year and new goals and expectations, it is the ideal time to evaluate what your staff needs to succeed and start putting those tools and techniques into place.

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