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Should You Outsource Items on Your To-Do List?

One project that I decided to put on my “to do” list this weekend was to clean our dishwasher. I was tired of pulling out dirty dishes after it had run its cycle. I pulled up Google, typed in “dirty dishes after full cycle” found several YouTube videos with instructions on how to clear your dishwasher, and went to work.

After an hour or so, I had cleaned the parts that needed to be cleaned but had a kitchen full of pieces that needed to be reassembled. I forced the pieces back to where they came from and closed up the appliance with a sense of accomplishment. And guess what—the dishwasher has improved slightly, but I still have dirty dishes. That was a waste of time and effort, and could have cost me a new dishwasher.

I came across this great article “Should You Outsource Items on Your To-Do List?” in Fast Company today. So much of it applies to our business and my battle with my dishwasher, that I thought I should share it. Laura Vanderkam makes the point that the Internet, and our ability to Google everything, causes us to err on the side of becoming an amateur expert when we have a project to do. Let’s face it; it takes time and effort to become an expert. “Time doing one thing is time not spent doing something else, and that something else really needs to come first,” says Vanderkam.

The Fast Company article presents several questions you should ask yourself when contemplating whether to outsource. Check it out here.

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