New Strategies for Recruiting Federal IT Talent

Today, the federal government is facing an extensive shortage of experienced technical workers. As a result, agencies are concerned about finding top talent in the IT industry. According to CIO Online, federal CIOs are working through a number of long-term IT initiatives in areas like cloud computing, mobility and open data, but often struggle to recruit and retain top talent.

“The pace of change is so significant,” Richard Spires, the former CIO of the Department of Homeland Security, said during a recent panel discussion hosted by Federal News Radio. (Federal CIOs Struggle to Recruit and Retain Top Talent)

Because of this, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) developed a model that they believe will bring more success in the workplace for federal workers, including those in high-demand IT fields.

According to OPM, its data-driven strategy — called the REDI Roadmap (Recruitment, Engagement, Diversity and Inclusion) — “incorporates a range of technology tools to attract, develop and retain federal workers. The strategy also aims to support other initiatives, including diversity and inclusion efforts, skills development, and veteran and disability hiring programs.” (OPM Lays Out Recruitment Strategy)

The People and Culture section of the REDI Roadmap strategy is focused on modernizing and transforming the way the federal government recruits, hires, engages, and develops a skilled and diverse workforce. (REDI Roadmap)

OPM said the strategy is founded on three ideas: “Decisions are based on data. Digital tools are used to attract and engage a model workforce. And, customer service and stakeholder partnerships are at the heart of everything we do.” (Federal Soup)

This means using social media outlets; expanding partnerships with higher learning institutions such as colleges; improving the Pathways Program; and re-launching the website, all to recruit top IT talent.

While finding qualified IT candidates is a challenge, OPM’s new strategy through the REDI Roadmap is set to help identify top talent to enhance the federal workplace based on data, digital tools and partnerships.