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How Do You Motivate Your Employees?

When I think about all the jobs and managers I have had over the years, I start to think about what motivated me the most to work harder and be productive. The MindTools article “Motivation: Energizing Your People to Achieve Good Things” does a good job discussing two different motivation types: extrinsic and intrinsic. Most workers (including myself) are extrinsically motivated to do their work, but to what extent? At some point, external motivators like money, bonuses, and time off are not enough to keep good employees motivated at work. This article examines how you as a manager can effectively motivate your employees by personalizing your motivational approach for each employee, and also deciding what management style (Theory X or Theory Y) would best suit your employees.

As I move closer to the management side of my career, I will be using some of these tips to be a better manager and to properly influence my employees.

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