Kickstart Employee Wellbeing Month with These Wellness Tips


June is the month to celebrate Employee Wellbeing Month (#EWM16) and we’re excited to inspire teams all over on simple activities to start in June and carry with them throughout the entire year. Take part in the 8th annual celebration for employee wellness with these tips.

Why You Should Care

The costs for health take an average of 50% of corporate spend. Keeping this in mind, what if we shifted our spend from paying for health coverage, extra sick days and lack of productivity to exercise equipment, healthy office snacks and daily 30-minute walks? Yes, we are still spending money for health. But instead of paying for the bandaid to fix an unhealthy lifestyle, why not encourage healthier living instead? Still not convinced? On average, wellness programs show the following results:

●      28% reduction in sick leave

●      8% productivity increase

●      26% decrease in medical costs

●      30% reduction in disability claims and worker’s comp

Maybe you’re worried you’ll get involved in a wellness program and nobody joins in… You know the saying, “If you build it, they will come?”

●      69% of employees said they would join an optional wellness program

●      45% said wellness programs encourage them to stay with a company (retention!)

●      65% of employees said it’s fair to reduce premiums and earn incentives through wellness programs

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Kickstart the Eats

There aren’t any rules or regulations to this game. Simply switching caffeinated, high sugar and sodium-based drinks and snacks for healthier choices is a great first step to celebrating employee wellbeing month.

Fifty-two percent of polled Americans claimed it was easier for them to figure out their taxes than it was to find a healthy way of eating and 31% consume more packaged food than fresh food. Even worse, 90% of Americans eat more than the daily recommended amount of sodium.

We need to stop telling ourselves this is a scare tactic and start making the healthier choices, starting at work where we spend 40 hours of our lives a week. Opt for providing these fresh and healthy snacks in the office recommended by experts:

  • Fruit
    • Apples, oranges, carrots, celery have the longest shelf lives
  • Nuts
    • Try lightly salted or raw almonds, pistachios, pecans, cashews or a good mixed nut blend
  • Protein bars
    • A small, light snack to break the 2 o’clock drag and help refuel employees for the last part of their day
  • Yogurt
    • The protein you need to power through morning meetings – If you want to have a superfood morning, add the fruit and nuts to your yogurt bowl to hold you over all the way to lunch

Kickstart the Moves

Eating is the first shift to make, but getting your heart rate up with some physical activity for just 30 minutes a day is the “magic pill” to health. Plan a 30-minute walk with the company every day or take your meetings out for a walk to keep them short and heart-conscious. Health benefits of a brisk walk for 30-minutes a day are unreal. They reduce:

  • Obesity
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Stroke
  • Certain types of cancer


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These little miracle working walks are wonderful, but they can’t completely eliminate the above mentioned. Take a closer look at what you consume and get some fresh air with your coworkers to improve not only physical health, but mental health. Even low levels of exercise can prevent future or current depression. With 23% of American workers suffering from depression, a brisk walk can go a long way.

Encouraging Exercise at Work

As a manager, it’s not completely your responsibility to bring employees up to par on their health, but you can assist them. Start by looking for short routes either around the building or within the neighborhood that is safe for employees to take each day. You can start by scheduling a few group meetings on the determined trail to show employees the path you’ve discovered. Taking a few business-related walks with employees can help encourage them to go on their own later on.

If your organization has the budget for equipment or instructors, hire a yoga or pilates instructor the come to the office once or twice a week to get employees productive and motivated. Joe Robinson (@WorkLifeSkills), contributor at Entrepreneur says:

Exercising during lunch is also effective. Swedish researchers found that taking two and a half hours per week for exercise during work hours increased productivity, even though workers were logging 6.25 percent fewer hours.”


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The hardest part is starting the routine and sticking to it for the first few weeks. Once you bring in the hype and excitement for wellness and your employees start to feel the difference, the rest will fall into place. Use this month to kickstart employee wellness and gear up for a true corporate wellness program to keep exercise going for months and years to come.

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