Is Your Business Overlooking This Solution to Your Talent Shortage?

While most U.S. businesses are looking to hire in every industry, many are having a hard time finding qualified candidates to fill open positions. For many companies, this means paying more to recruit high-quality talent, as well as raising wages for current employees to keep them from leaving. This imbalance between available jobs and qualified candidates has led to a talent shortage situation.

Current and projected talent shortages have become the number-one staffing concern for many across the industries. With the potential to affect a company’s growth and ability to service its clients and customers, it is a very serious challenge.

Solving the talent shortage is on the agenda for any business looking to succeed, but how do you gain an edge in overcoming this complex problem? The key to overcoming the talent shortage is embracing proactive solutions to attract the top-notch talent that other businesses compete for.

One of the most proactive solutions to handling the talent shortage is to partner with a qualified staffing agency. Let’s look at some important reasons why working with an experienced firm can help you win the race for talent on multiple levels.

Advantages of Partnering with a Staffing Agency

Whether your company has in-house staffing support or your current hiring system is stretched beyond its capacity, tapping into an external resource can be an invaluable help as you strive to fill open positions. A qualified staffing firm has greater access to talent in a wide range of industries, as well as the tools and experience to help your business become as competitive as possible.

Proper staffing is not one-size-fits-all, so it is important to consider several criteria when selecting a staffing firm to partner with. The firm you choose should be well-established with a core specialty that is relevant to your industry and specific company needs. They should take the time upfront to understand the structure and company culture of your business, and what your short and long-term business goals are.

A quality staffing firm will analyze the current state of your workforce talent and evaluate what you need to keep your business growing and going forward. Then, they can devise a strategy to help you attract and acquire the top talent you’re looking for when and where you need it most.

Proactive Hiring Efforts

Partnering with a staffing firm allows your business to continually scout for top talent using multiple strategies. Online recruiting, in-person networking, social media activity, and even social gatherings are all effective ways to reach well-qualified workers who may not be viewing job postings but are still looking on some level for their dream job. In fact, nearly one-third of workers already gainfully employed are open to learning about new employment opportunities.

Increasing Brand and Culture Visibility

Job seekers do their homework these days, so maintaining a clear company brand and culture is vital. A staffing firm partner can leverage your company’s strengths when reaching out to fresh talent, projecting your voice in a louder, more appealing way, and getting their attention.

Strategic Planning for the Future

A qualified staffing firm understands the ebb and flow of business growth. With an eye toward markets and future growth, they can help you foresee your company’s staffing needs and anticipate staffing needs allowing more time to fill those positions with well-qualified workers.

Refining Your Benefits Package

Employee benefits are a key part of attracting top talent these days and partnering with a qualified staffing firm can help you expand and hone your benefits program to attract the kind of right job candidates. A staffing firm brings their years of experience with a well-crafted benefits package, as well as the knowledge of industry norms and competitors’ plans to help you offer the most appealing package of benefits and perks for your prospective employees.

Not only can a staffing firm help you enhance your talent-hiring efforts but provide significant side benefits and insight into ways your business can save money and increase efficiency. While that may not seem like help for the talent shortage, the insight they can provide into health care costs, benefit spending, and the essentials of incentivizing employees are invaluable.


Overcoming the global talent shortage will not happen overnight. Technology is constantly expanding, transforming how work gets done and creating the need for even more new roles to be filled. Businesses eager to remain competitive and secure the high-quality talent they need would do well to partner with a qualified staffing firm. From recruitment through hiring and onboarding, and all the behind-the-scenes assistance necessary, a staffing firm is a valuable and necessary partner for your business.

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