How HR Tech May Be More Trick Than Treat

The Halloween season is upon us which means it’s time for tricks and treats everywhere you look. Could the very software you use on a regular basis be trying to pull a fast one on you? The constant chatter about the benefits HR technology can bring to your team and what you thought it was going to be like after implementation is a trick in itself. Of course, no system is perfect but could all the hype of these tools really be hurting your hiring process instead of helping it? Is humanizing the hiring process even more important in today’s tech world?

The ATS Trick

Finding out your ATS isn’t all it was propped up to be is a little like finding pennies in your treat bag on Halloween. You hope it’s something good that can help you boost productivity and positively impact your bottom line, but it can end up being the opposite and creating more work.

46% of applicants rated their last experience of applying for a job online as “difficult to impossible.” If your ATS isn’t making it easier for applicants, then that just means more work for your team to get candidates through the hiring process without giving up. If your ATS does happen to be quite user-friendly, then, yes, it is a great way to organize all of the applications as on average, every corporate job opening attracts 250 resumes but only 4 to 6 of these people will be called for an interview, and only 1 of those will be offered a job. A piece of technology will not be able to make that job offer for you with a human touch, though.

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The ATS Treat: A great ATS will help you make the placement faster and delight your candidates. From automated reminders so a candidate never wonders where he or she stands, to simple applications that remember your candidates and allow you to manually enter great prospects, today’s ATS are better than ever.

Sorcerers Over Sourcing Tech

Sourcers should more accurately be named sorcerers since the work they do is like magic and no tech would ever be able to replace all the cognitive skills required to complete their jobs. When it comes to looking beyond candidate resumes, 36% of employers are looking for multitasking prowess, 31% of employers are looking for initiative, and 21% are looking for creative thinking. These are all skills that could not be determined by a piece of technology skimming LinkedIn profiles and resumes entered into a system. The human touch is a necessity to lookout for these qualities and choose candidates who are best suited for the position. Sourcing technology may be able to find the keywords and experience needed but it could never let hiring managers know whether or not a candidate is able to multitask.

The Sourcing Tech Treat: Let your recruiters and sourcers do the best parts of their jobs while taking the tedious stuff off their shoulders. Job matching, pre-screening, automated assessments and even simple surveys can all be done by sourcing technology. Let your sourcing tech (or home-grown sourcing tech, Boolean anyone?) run in the background and focus on how sourcing technology can make recruiting great again!

DOA Job Posts

Dead on arrival. That’s what your job post will be in the eyes of candidates if they seem automated and without a personal touch. A job posting is meant to inspire the best and brightest to apply and putting out posts that are bland and boring could do the exact opposite. Humans inspire other humans and using language in job postings that appeals to your audience will bring in the results you’re looking for. In a recent study of applicants applying to job ads, researchers found the ads that appealed to the candidates’ needs, desires, and preferences drew more applications (as a ratio of job ad views) than those that emphasized what the company needed. Use the personality of your brand and what you can offer candidates in order to bring your job posts alive again!

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The DOA Treat: Actually, we’re going to let these stay where they belong…in the grave! If you don’t know how to attract the very best candidates out there, get help from a professional. At Vector Talent, we’ve been using the treat of personalization for years to help folks take the trick out of their hiring process. We can help you too! Don’t let the Halloween spirit be an excuse for your HR technology to pull a fast one over you. Download our guide to improve your recruitment process in a cinch!


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