How to Choose the Right IT Staffing Firm for Your Business

Let’s face it, with so many KPIs to fulfill and other functionalities that are crucial to the success of your company, hiring top talent can require an enormous amount of work and time in order to find top talent and build the right team. One strategy for improving your talent strategy’s efficiency and effectiveness is to partner with an IT staffing agency.

When considering the best staffing firm to lend a helping hand, there are specific criteria to keep in mind. We’ve provided four.

Applicant Pool

You are depending on the staffing firm to locate applicants that will meet your qualifications, including both experience and a great cultural fit. You want to make sure that the staffing firm can produce the top talent and quality your company needs.

According to, there are a few questions you should ask before signing the contract with a staffing agency.

  • Are there prior or current customers you can use as a reference, preferably business in a similar market and size range?
  • Is its rate competitive with other staffing firms in your geographic area? If not, what basis or business justification exists to explain the difference?
  • How many years of experience do the agency’s employees have?
  • What has its success rate been with making placements and what is its past level of turnover?

Assessment Process

Choose a staffing firm that has an effective assessment process.  Evaluate its interviewing and screening procedures to decide if the agency will find the talent your company needs. The staffing firm’s evaluation process should include an initial phone screening, face-to-face interview, reference checks and in government opportunities, verification of all clearances. From soft skills to hard skills, being able to source top talent is of utmost importance.

Specialized Staffing

Candidates with specific expertise are typically in high demand and hard to find. Consider focusing your search on locating specialized staffing firms. For instance, if you’re searching for an IT help desk technician, work with an IT staffing firm that has a candidate pool of IT professionals for fast and accurate placement. Besides, their broader networks, expertise and industry knowledge will give you an upper hand on top talent before your competitors. (Robert Half)

Positive Reputation

When you partner with a staffing firm to represent your company in the talent marketplace, taking time to learn its core values will guide you to a solution that is best for the success of your organization. A firm’s reputation can speak volumes on its past and current performance history. Most agencies will share testimonials, case studies and other feedback from current clients regarding their experience with the agency and the services they received. Read, research and possibly reference check before making a final decision.

While there are other things to consider when choosing the right IT staffing firm, these four are great key identifiers to get you moving successfully throughout the process.