How an External Staffing Firm Can Help You

As proposal season comes to an end, I have noticed a huge influx of companies needing the help of external recruiters. At the same time, I have also witnessed many firms that are relying on their internal recruiters to fill the multitude of positions that are being awarded by their clients. This is a good thing—provided these recruiters have the bandwidth and cycles to fill these positions.

The end of proposal season is the perfect time to engage in a qualified and trusted external partner to assist your internal recruiting department. During my many years in the industry, I have seen many recruiters get burned out during these times, and lately, the problem seems to be getting worst. Sometimes, this business can become pretty overwhelming, and the end of proposal season is one of them. I understand that with the cost cutting and cheaper rates, it is sometimes difficult to engage in a third party. However, I can assure you that your staff is having a greater difficulty trying to convince someone that in order to stay on the program, his pay needs to be reduced by up to 30%. This is where a good external staffing firm comes in.

If you have BILLABLE slots to be filled that are being prioritized internally, you are losing money each day that the slots are not filled and subsequently billed out—not to mention, you need the technical staff to maintain the progress and quality you sold your client in the first place. So, if you have to pay a little extra to fulfill these billets by outsourcing for the first few months of the contract, you should try and find a way to bite the bullet and do so. This practice will help to maintain the insanity of your internal recruiters, have a much happier customer and in the short run, increase sales revenue incrementally.

A good external recruiter will offer many different options to lesson the pain for the financial folks as well as the pain and heartache it causes the C-level executives. In other words, a good external recruiting firm will have created a strategy and methodology that creates a win-win for all. They take the time to understand the pains and cultures of their customers and are always updating their technologies.