Are You Holding Yourself Back from Being a Success?

In the article “7 Ways You’re Holding Yourself Back from Becoming a Huge Success,” Sam Edwards of Inc. discusses how people self-sabotage their success and explains ways to overcome or deal with a lack of success. He explains that there are two things about self-sabotage that are hard to overcome. The first is identification and the second is improvement. And identifying when you sabotage your own success is often the hardest thing to figure out.

Edwards lists the following seven things you could be doing to keep yourself from being a success:

  1. Giving up Prematurely
  2. Not Cutting Your Losses
  3. Refusing to Adapt
  4. Thinking You Are Good Enough
  5. Fear of Failure
  6. Choosing to Be Comfortable
  7. Waiting for the “Perfect” Moment

Everyone faces at least one of these obstacles at some point in their career, personal life, or elsewhere. The key to being successful is to identify the obstacle and work on improving your mindset to overcome it.


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