#GivingThanks to Our Satisfied Clients, Candidates & Supportive Recruiters

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we want to take the time to highlight some of the feedback we’ve received from our clients and candidates regarding their Vector Talent experience. From nailing recruitment in some of the toughest industries like tech and healthcare to being efficient, quality talent providers for national clients, Vector Talent has a lot to be thankful for this year… and it wouldn’t be possible without our knowledgeable employees, supportive recruiters and established leadership team!

We’re Thankful to Satisfy Top Tech Talent

A recent Dice survey highlights what tech candidates want most in a recruiter. The study showed that aside from presenting competitive salary offers, candidates believe the following to be the most important:

  • Being frank about the company and/or culture – 31%
  • Responding to messages – 26%
  • Presenting realistic, unchanging job requirements – 17%
  • Respecting candidate’s time – 15%
  • Listening to candidate’s goals – 11%

At Vector Talent, we’re thankful to have recruiters who deliver honest information to candidates and our candidates are thankful for it too!

“Leticia, thank you for being so forward with your candor. It’s amazing how many tech recruiters lose the game because they just don’t know what they’re talking about. Did they even read their own job posting? YOU however did not pretend, and offered me simple direct information that you did know was true. Thank you!” – Royce, Vector Talent candidate


We’re Thankful to Have Supportive Recruiters

Many employers turn to staffing agencies rather than relying on in-house recruiters for those hard-to-fill positions. They make this move to reduce time-to-fill and cost-per-hire because staffing agencies specialize in these key areas and have the industry-specific resources their in-house recruiting teams may lack. With this, comes a larger need to preserve the candidate experience and portray the company’s culture and employer brand in a positive light.

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That’s why Vector Talent is thankful to have recruiters who support and prepare their clients for interviews in some of the toughest industries to hire in.

According to CareerBuilder, 6 of the toughest hard-to-fill positions are in healthcare, and Vector Talent sure knows how to recruit in this industry.

“My experience with Vector has been very gratifying. I’ve felt very much supported and prepared when it came time to interview. I’ve always been able to get a hold of Maria, my Vector recruiter, for any questions (day or night!).” – Valerie, Vector Talent Candidate hired by national healthcare client in May of 2016


We’re Thankful for Our Satisfied Candidates

Having an emphasis on cultural fit is crucial to candidate and client satisfaction. After all, studies show that cultural fit in the workplace is linked to better mental and physical health and makes employees less likely to suffer from depression and anxiety from work. Employees who fit well within their organization have:

  • Greater job satisfaction
  • Are more likely to remain with the organization
  • Are more committed to their roles
  • Show higher job performance

Vector Talent is thankful to have candidates who recognize our efforts to provide a friendly and helpful atmosphere and methodologies that ensure placement both clients and candidates are happy with.

“I’ve never been to a recruiting firm with such a warm atmosphere and an emphasis on right placement for both the person and the company. Even if my placement doesn’t come through, I am thrilled to have made your acquaintance and look forward to working with Vector on my next opportunity.” – Amelia Minto, Vector Talent Candidate


We’re Thankful for Our Satisfied Clients

We know that in-house recruitment teams can often produce on a tight timeline and get placements filled fast, but factoring in quality can be difficult when you have a variety of positions to fill and little resources to do so.

Vector Talent is thankful for the clients who test our strategies and methodologies and allow us to learn from each placement so we can continue to evolve as a true staffing partner to our clients.

“Vector has turned into my go-to source for a variety of position types. At first it was an unusual creative position. Then it was finance, coordinated with one of their business partners, and then HR. They have proven themselves to be a well-rounded search firm that can deliver quality within a tight timeframe.” – Julie, Client


Vector Talent is thankful for the 6 Step Process that has helped us sustain long-lasting partnerships with our clients and candidates.

“I’ve had the unique opportunity to see two sides of Vector – both as candidate and client and have been extremely fortunate in both roles! The team is tremendously supportive of candidates and does a fantastic job ushering them through the recruiting process from first contact well past placement. As a client, I’ve been extremely impressed with their determination even in the face of some challenging staffing needs. They have delivered our organization not only outstanding candidates, but have a knack for finding those individuals who fit in well culturally. Their superior service makes my job so much easier!” – Elizabeth, Client & Former Vector Talent Candidate


The 6 Step Process is a methodology our entire recruitment team has abided by time and time again. It’s those guiding principles that have allowed us to provide exceptional and strategic staffing solutions. To see our process for yourself, download it below.

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