We are experts at working with candidates to navigate the employment market and take great pride in seeing our candidates WIN the job of their dreams! Apply to be represented by a Talent Agent and tap into the force of Vector.

Vector differentiates by centering efforts on the goals of both employee and employer, equally through our strategic staffing process. We care just as much about you as we do our clients and our results prove it. Apply to a role listed below or simply submit your resume to begin the process and experience the difference with Vector.

Apply to be represented by a Talent Agents and tap into the force of Vector.



We are Corporate Athletes and work aggressively and diligently to stay on top of market trends, technology, methodologies to source, attract, and acquire talent for our clients and opportunities for our Talent.

Our Talent Agents are designated in specialty teams of: Technology, HR/Recruiting, Marketing/Communications and Operations/Administration. This allows for deep roots to develop resulting in strong networks, keen understandings of the roles and the impact of each hire, enabling ideal matches with sustainability. Vector Talent Agents are passionate about results and therefore zealous with best practices to accomplish them. Vector teams are constantly exploring, tweaking, sharing and piloting innovative ways to find, attract, and acquire talent for on target delivery. Vector’s playbook is constantly evolving keeping us ahead of the curve.


We differentiate ourselves from the typical staffing experience by providing top talent quickly, efficiently, and ethically; keeping all parties’ best interests in mind. Our Talent Agents build deep networks within disciplines served, provide consultative service to our candidates, and develop strong partnerships with our clients enabling accurate results in a streamlined, strategic staffing process.

Our talent bench includes professionals within technology, human resources/recruiting, marketing/communications, and operations/administration. Vector’s stragetic staffing solutions are customized to each clients’ initiatives with flexible delivery.

Vector Talent Agents are experts at staffing and have honed methodologies that are precise and effective. Vector’s TalentFLEX offers “talent on demand” with the flexibility to add or remove resources as your business environment fluctuates. Vector candidates automatically become free agents once they have completed 6 months of service, whether the assignment was tagged as contract to hire or not. We make it very simple for ideal hires to occur…our goal and honor when they do!


We go beyond the placement and work with clients to attain greatness with their workforce with innovative organizational development initiatives via our human capital consulting practice, TalentAIM.

TalentAIM serves as HR business partners from onboarding to offboarding keeping our clients compliant and competitive, well-built with talent management programs and technology, and in flight with talent development.​

TalentAIM evolved from decades of collaborating with leaders to not only attract top talent with diligent outreach campaigns, but to attain greatness through innovative talent development programs, and properly applaud and nurture talent with creative and fun wellness efforts.


The 3-tiered approach is imperative to keep a business whole. Vector differentiates by centering efforts on the goals of both employer and employee, equally, for a fair return on the sincere approach and productive results. Attracting and attaining greatness from top talent is our business since we realize this is the key to clients’ success which is our ultimate reward.

1. Recruiting on deck

  • Corporate
  • Technical
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Healthcare
  • Executive

2. HR ready for flight

  • Generalists
  • Information Systems
  • Compliance
  • Compensation
  • Benefits
  • Training

3. Wellness in motion

  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Mindfulness
  • Coaching
  • Events