Capitol Building, Washington DC, Workplace in America

Fri, Nov 3rd – Navigating the Future of Work—The Changing Landscape of the World of Work and the Role of HR

The emerging trend away from traditional employment coupled with the increase in automation and artificial intelligence (AI) in the workplace represents a massive shift with profound implications for businesses. Leaders are increasingly at risk if they fail to recognize that work can and will be done differently in the future, and potentially by talent that can float into and out of an organization. For human resources and CEOs alike, considering how to approach work redesign, talent processes and rewards in order to meet business strategies will be one of the biggest transformations in this century. We will explore this phenomenon and look at why and how the world of work is changing, the implications, and how organizations must adapt to survive.

Keynote Speakers:

Theresa Lynch and Lara Paukovits.

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