Energy Sector Offers New Opportunities for IT Professionals

The energy sector has been booming over the last several years. Traditional power companies are constantly updating their delivery systems to keep up with technical advancements and government regulations. There has been a push in recent years to update and secure the aging and vulnerable U.S. power grid, and power companies are under constant pressure to remain competitive as solar and wind energy creep into the marketplace.

This landscape has been a boon for IT professionals, as hiring in this sector continues to rise. Delivery, innovation, and security hinge on an energy company’s ability to hire the right IT pros to drive their organizations forward.

IT Skills for the Energy Sector

What specific tech strengths should an IT professional possess in order to break into the energy sector? There are several in-demand skills that energy companies are looking for, including:

  • Mobile Applications – Mobility is critical in the energy industry. Field staff must be able to remain connected to enterprise systems when they are out of the corporate office. Mobile applications are also being adopted by energy companies to communicate with their customers. For example, a power company may wish to allow customers to send photos or texts during outages to report downed power lines or other problems. Tech professionals with mobile experience can help energy companies deliver and maintain user-friendly, secure applications.
  • Analytics – Energy companies were managing big data long before “big data” became a corporate buzzword. They have to manage massive amounts of information that tells them how much energy is being consumed, who is consuming it, when levels will spike, which generation methods produce the most energy, etc. IT professionals who can analyze this information in meaningful ways are essential to the operations of an energy company.
  • Security – Information security is critical to any organization. But the security of energy companies and the power grid is a matter of homeland security.  Not only must companies protect data and proprietary information from hackers, but they must also ensure they do not fall victim to terroristic cyber attacks.
  • Compliance – The energy sector is highly regulated, and the individual regulations that govern energy companies are constantly changing. Energy companies need to employ individuals who can help them remain compliant in a fluid environment.
  • The Desire to Learn – Energy companies also look for soft skills in new IT hires. They need to recruit individuals with strong, up-to-date tech skills, but also those who possess the desire to continue learning and growing, as the energy sector is constantly evolving in order to meet changing regulations and their own promises to deliver cleaner energy.

Breaking Into the Energy Sector

It can be difficult to break into the energy sector, as the culture and landscape can be markedly different from other corporate cultures. But energy companies understand that they need IT professionals with strong base skills and that the jargon and nuances of the industry can be learned on the job. They are very open to hiring people without specific energy sector experience, but it can still be intimidating for many job seekers who wish to break into the field.

An IT staffing firm can help match skilled IT pros with open positions in the energy sector. They take much of the stress out of breaking into a new industry by locating the open positions, matching the job seeker’s skills with those positions, and securing an interview for the candidate. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to land a position, but an IT staffing firm can help open the door.

If you are an IT professional seeking new opportunities in the energy sector, contact Vector Technical Resources today to learn how they can help you with your job search.