Eat, Drink & Be Healthy with Corporate Wellness this Winter

Holiday weight gain varies depending on the person, and most of us expect to gain 5 to 10 pounds in those willpower-free days between Thanksgiving and the New Year. But take heart, most holiday weight gain averages out to about 3.5 pounds. While 3.5 pounds is harmless, bad habits and continuous weight gain can follow if action isn’t taken after the holidays. Want to avoid keeping those pesky 3.5 pounds? What about your employees? Looking to help them navigate the carb-laden waters of holiday feasting?

To stay proactive about holiday weight gain and general health and wellbeing, many companies turn to employee wellness programs.

● If a wellness program has already been implemented, great! But it does need to be tailored to the holiday season. Extra temptations abound during the season and there’s no better time to adjust the way we look at food.

● If a wellness program is in the works, now more than ever is the time to kick it off. Maybe step #1 is giving gift cards instead of chocolate this year?

● If you’re not ready to implement a wellness program, consider doing a one-time campaign for the remainder of the year! Instead of trying to encourage people to eat less (get real), encourage more movement. Extra steps, chair exercise drills, or even walking meetings can all help your crew stay healthy.


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While we’re well into the holiday season, it’s not too late to get started. Before creating a holiday employee wellness program, keep the following in mind:


It’s not always the most wonderful time of the year

Buying presents, affording presents, traveling, hosting gatherings, going to gatherings, annual performance reviews and an increased workload are just a few of the emotional triggers that cause stress during the holidays.

Cortisol (a stress hormone) latches on to your adrenal glands when you’re stressed or your adrenaline increases (hence getting angry). Increased cortisol levels are linked to belly fat, which is also the most dangerous fat in your body because it surrounds vital organs and puts you at increased risk for cardiovascular disease and diabetes.


Ways You Can Lower Cortisol Levels for You & Your Staff:

● Schedule an in-office chair masseuse to come in and encourage your employees to get a 30-minute massage.

● Stock the break room with black tea and cinnamon gum which are both thought to help keep cortisol levels at bay (post a sign next to the coffee machine to let them know black tea, green tea or any tea is better than coffee or espresso on cortisol levels especially in the morning).

● Create a meditation room in the office or conduct a daily 20-minute meditation session for those who wish to participate. A 6-week study found that people who meditated significantly decreased both cortisol and blood pressure.

● Offer some holiday flexibility. Half days, work from home days and even job sharing if folks are running low on vacation are all great ways to allow your staff to recharge, knock out some holiday shopping or maybe, get a little rest. Worried about productivity? Remember just how much work your employees will miss when they inevitably get sick post-Christmas.

● Push back non-urgent projects or if you’re in a slow time, help manage work stress with some pre-2017 planning.


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Social and emotional pressure is bound to happen

Remembering lost loved ones can bring on emotional overeating or under-eating (which is bad for you too!) How about feeling obligated to eat your aunt’s 1000 calorie by slice pie because it’s tradition? Or what about social pressure from coworkers, family and friends to indulge… because if they’re doing it, you can too! Studies prove that eating in a group setting furthers tendencies to eat as much as the group’s average.


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Ways You Can Combat Social & Emotional Pressure for You & Your Staff:

Don’t worry, you don’t have to throw out the holiday party and all of the good food that comes with it, but you can opt to provide more nutritional holiday foods. Cut the carbs and opt for lean meat dishes, seafood, veggies and fruit. Low-calorie alcoholic beverages should be provided and switch out the soda for soda water in mixers!

Offer alternative dishes and drinks for those who are watching their weight and make sure there is more to do at your office party than just eating. You can also help employees avoid peer pressure by giving gifts that aren’t meant to be eaten and by arranging activities that are less cookie decorating and more adopting a family!

Light beer, Skinny Girl Wines and these low-calorie cocktails are sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

And last but not least…

Don’t Get Your Tinsel in a Tangle!

The holiday season is stressful for even the most organized people. Keep your staff cheerful, merry and bright with these quick tips for keeping a stress-free office during the holidays:

● Designate remote working days

● Set up an out of office schedule

● Give your employees flex hours

● Figure out and consider employee constraints and preferences.

● Look into cross-training employees

● Be sure to not over analyze, no matter how crazy it seems

The investment in helping employees to be healthy, energized and focused through corporate wellness initiatives enables staff to be happy, motivated and effective team members. Learn more about our corporate wellness solutions today!

Have a merry and bright holiday season with Vector Talent’s referral bonus! What are you waiting for?