What Corporate Wellness Means for Contingent Workers


Your recently implemented company wellness program has saved you thousands of dollars in medical and absenteeism costs. Kudos to you for validating the importance of physical health for the individual and the organization, but you’re missing out on one huge opportunity. If you haven’t thought of how wellness affects your contingent workers, listen up.

On the Rise

When you think company wellness, you think of your employees. Full-benefited, salaried, parking-spaced employees, not your contingent workforce, although this group may make up to as much as 40% of the workforce. So your wellness initiatives should definitely include them (especially if you’re seeking some of the most common benefits of implementing wellness programs in the enterprise).

Why does this makes sense for the company? Think health care premiums; the potential benefits from including contingents in your wellness philosophy can be huge. Contingent workers, whether it be freelancers, independent contractors, consultants or other outsourced, non-permanent workers are becoming a larger percentage of your workforce.

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What this boils down to, is the health, retention, productivity and performance of your contingent workers makes up around one-third (or more) of your staff. A large chunk of change if you ask me. Although contingent workers don’t receive full medical packages, they can still be included in the company wellness plan.

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Spread the Word

The first step is simple. Start including your contingent workers in your company-wide newsletters, recipe shares and health tips. Send an email explaining your inclusive motives with an opt-in. You don’t have to overwhelm them with anti-smoking campaigns or diabetes horror stories. Letting them know of the upcoming yoga+zen meditation class nearby is enough. What a great chance for them to get to know fellow employees and open up their energy flows.

81% of large employers and 49% of small employers offer employees programs to help them stop smoking, lose weight, or make other lifestyle or behavioral changes.

Your contingent workers will see you took the extra step, a step not always taken, to care about their health and wellness. Making them feel a part of the company’s health goals and ideologies can create the buy-in and extra commitment needed for a contingent worker + company relationship.

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Pay It Forward

Investing in people who will not be around in a few months can be an HR paradox. Why include them in your company’s goings-on when they are technically not part of it? Contingent workers are not employees today, but could they be down the road? Yes! Hiring a contingent worker as a full-time employee means they know the culture, management knows their quality of work and they already know their team from those Tuesday night yoga sessions.

Engaged workers are 28% more likely than their actively disengaged peers to get involved in company-sponsored wellness programs.

Maybe they won’t all turn into stellar employees, but hey, a lot of your current employees won’t be there next year anyway either.

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Ask Yourself: Why Invest in Corporate Wellness?


Healthy Choice

83% of executives say they will be increasing the use of contingent, intermittent or consultant employees. Take a look at the numbers in your company. Could improvements be made in the absenteeism and performance of your contingent workforce? Take the little steps today to bring your contingent workers into the health oasis of your organization.

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The greatest wealth is health. -Virgil


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