How the Contingent Workforce is Changing Staffing in 2017

Like the workers it encompasses, the contingent workforce doesn’t sit still for long. The trend is growing: one in three workers are now contracted or freelance employees. As it continues, the contingent workforce is going to keep shifting and changing the role that staffing agencies play. The general trend is this: Staffing Agencies are going to thrive. In 2017, there are three key elements that the contingent workforce is having an effect on.

Staffing Agencies are becoming more important.

The standard 40-hour full-time workforce is decreasing. Jobs that were once held by 9-to-5 office jockeys are being replaced by skilled contingent workers who prefer to go where they are needed. The workforce is becoming more flexible, and as a result, more volatile.

As they move from job to job, temporary workers are going to benefit more from staffing agencies. They need to find places where their work experience is applicable and fits their personality and branding. Companies currently spend $792 billion a year on contingent workers. It’s big business. In 2017, workers are looking for more control over their schedules. They want a balanced work-home life. Working with a staffing firm that can find them the right jobs and help them achieve that balance are going to be more important than ever.

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strategic staffing projectCompany branding is on the rise.

Only 56% of recruiters say employer branding is a top priority; that’s not nearly enough. Focusing on company branding makes it easier to place temporary workers in the right environment. An incredible 95% of recruiters believe that the job market is going to become more competitive in the coming years, making it more essential than ever that client companies stand out.

One of the easiest ways to increase employer branding is through recruitment process outsourcing services. Personal messaging, ads, and social recruiting are all going to have an effect on the way consumers and job seekers perceive a brand.


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The rising contingent workforce is going to rely on branding through social media to find work. Staffing agencies that keep up with current social trends and convey their client companies’ brand are going to thrive.

Staffing agencies are filling the gap between workers and client companies.

Employers don’t have the time to recruit temporary workers on top of daily operations, but they understand how important temporary workers are going to be. In 2015, 92% of enterprises indicated that non-traditional staffing was a vital facet of their overall corporate strategy. Temporary staffing is no longer just a side issue for HR; there’s too much now for them to deal with. That’s where staffing agencies come in.

In addition, lawsuits and compliance issues are making companies nervous about hiring directly. Staffing agencies keep an eye on compliant practices and ensure contracted workers don’t work in ways that could cross the line from contractor to standard employee. As the contingent workforce grows, keeping them separate from full-time employees is going to become more of a challenge: but it’s the perfect challenge for a staffing agency.

As temporary workers begin to make up a majority of the workforce, their needs are going to shape the contingent workforce—and the workforce economy in general. Staffing agencies are going to provide them with the tools they need to find the right jobs, for the right amount of time, where they fit in with the company brand. If you think a staffing agency might be right for you, find out what Vector Talent can do for you by speaking with one of our strategic staffing experts!

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